Discover Perast


Discover Perast

History of Perast

Perast is an ancient city on the coast of Boka Bay. During its rich history, the city became famous for its numerous palaces in the Baroque style, Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Perast was founded by the illyrians, like fishing village dating to 1336 year. He experienced his prosperity during the Venetian period until 1797, when Napoleon defeated the Republic of Venice, and Perast moved into the hands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Things to see in Perast

The most beautiful architectural work in Perast is Bujovic's villa, in which the museum of the city of Perast is located. The museum has a rich and varied collection of objects, documents and other exhibits showing the history of this famous city. In addition to her, especially the church of St. Nicholas is built, built in 1616. In addition to the church there is a 55-meter-long tower with a magnificent panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. Smekje Castle, as well as Villa Zmajevic, was built in 1664. In addition to these buildings, there are many palaces and churches in the 16th and 17th centuries.

There are two amazing islands - St. George's Island and Our Lady of Skrpjela - across the road of Perast in the bay. These islands can often be seen on postcards from Montenegro. On the island of St. George there is a Benedictine monastery, which is mentioned in the history books as far back as 1166. In 1452. a Church in the castle of Bogorodica was built on another island called Our Lady of Skrpjela.

Where to eat

The tour is not complete if you do not eat in one of the restaurants by the sea. The view from their terrace is especially romantic in the early evening. Famous and popular restaurants in Perast are Conte, Armonia, Jelena palace, fish restaurant Djardin, Nauta.

Getting to Perast

To make Perast experience the right way, you need to get by car or by bus to him. It is located 37 km north of Budva, if you take a picturesque Adriatic road to Kotor and further along the bay. The Tivat airport is 19.7 km or 30 minutes drive away. The price of the bus ticket from Budva to Perast is about 5 €, while the bus for the bus costs € 12 from the capital Podgorica. The Blue Line bus will take you from Kotor to Perast. You can pick up it outside the Kotor walls, just past the market stalls, a little park with trees and seats. There is no bus stop as such. The bus leaves Kotor every hour at 15 minutes past the hour. The fare is 1 euro each way. This bus goes through Perast, and main stop is in the centre of city. You can also to get it with renta car from Respecta car agency. If you want to visit the islands, a taxi boat from the dock in the center sails every 30 minutes and the price per person is 5 euros. The tower for the tower next to the church of St. Nicholas is 2 euros.

You can come for one day to see this incredible city or stay in a small hotel and enjoy a quiet vacation. Traditional Montenegrin dishes, as well as Mediterranean specialties, offer several restaurants located next to the crystal sea. If you want to fully enjoy Perast, it is advisable to come early in the morning before all interested visitors arrive.