The most beautiful beaches in Herceg Novi and Bay of Kotor


The most beautiful beaches in Herceg Novi and Bay of Kotor

Beaches in Herceg Novi

In Herceg Novi there are a number of smaller beaches that are public, and where you can swim freely. There are also a large number of pontoons and concrete surfaces available to tourists. Here are some of the famous beaches in Heceg Novi.

Njivice beach

Njivice beach is located 4 km from Herceg Novi at the entrance to the bay of Kotor. This is combination beach that has a sandy and concrete part. The part of this beach is set aside and reserved for nudist. This is the only registered nudist beach in Herceg Novi. Njivice beach is public and has all the equipment.


Bijela is located 12 km from Herceg Novi and 2 km from the ferry. There are several smaller beaches in Bijela. Admission to each plaza is free. There is a part that is buttoned up. It is important to say that in this part there are no underwater rocks, no jets or big waves, so it is also suitable for family swimming.

Igalo Muddy Beach

The Igalo Muddy Beach is located below the very title of Villa Galeb, at the end of the promenada in Igalo. Plaza Igalo is very spacious, ie the largest in this part and the entrance is free. The sea bottom is covered with medicinal mud, which is famous for its healing properties.

Plaza Raffaello

Plaza Raffallo is located in the center of Herceg Novi, in the part of the town - Topla. It is considered to be the best and most attractive beach in Herceg Novi. It is fully furnished and equipped, and the entrance is paid. There is a restaurant at the entrance to the plaza.

Beaches in the Bay of Kotor

The beaches in the Bay of Kotor are numerous and mostly small. The beaches in the Bay of Kotor are mostly free to swim. When you go to the exit from the Bay of Kotor, the sea is getting cleaner and cooler and the view is wider from the beach.


Morinj is one of the most beautiful places in the Bay of Kotor. It has a small and clean beach. Popular campers locations are also located here. The well-known restaurant Catovica Mlini is also located in Morinj.

View of Morinj in Boka Bay
View of Morinj in Boka Bay

Saint Stassia Plaza

Sveti Stasije Plaza is located about 5 km from Kotor in Dobrota. Part of the beach is paved, and there is a restaurant nearby. It is popular with the locals.

Ljuta and Orahovac beaches

The beaches of Ljuta and Orahovac are the favorite beaches for the residents of Kotor. They are located about 9 km from Kotor and are next to each other. The beaches are pebbly and the sea is clear. You can reach them by bus from Kotor, the price is 1.5 euros, or by taxi, the price is about 5 euros. There is a cafe on the beach as well as rental equipment.

Beach Orahovac in Boka Bay
Beach Orahovac in Boka Bay

Bajova kula

Bajova kula is a pebbly beach which is located when it moves from Perast to Kotor. It's not big, but the water is extremely clean and the place is popular with tourists. There is also an excellent beach bar on the beach.

Pirate bar and beach in Perast

The most famous beach in Perast is at Pirat Bar. When you go from Perast to Risan, you will come across a small beach that is famous for the Pirat beach bar. The beach is well equipped and has facilities for children.

Pirat bar in Perast Boka Bay
Pirat bar in Perast Boka Bay

Plaza in Prcanj-Markov Rt

Plaza Markov Rt is located 10km from Kotor towards Stoliv. This is a quiet place with clear sea and spacious plaza Markov Rt. The beach is often divided by concrete pontoons. Here is also the restaurant Gusti, which stores excellent fish specialties.

There is a middle road to the beach and it is accessible by car.