Best time to visit Montenegro


Best time to visit Montenegro

The best time to visit Montenegro depends on your desires and affinities. Do you want to swim in the sea, hike, try rafting, visit national parks, visit cultural and historical monuments or something else? The best time to visit Montenegro can be different if you are planning to come in spring, summer, autumn or winter.


But to clarify at the outset. If we are talking about nice weather - no rain, then you can come to Montenegro in the period from mid-April to late October. If you want to avoid the crowds on the beaches and roads, the best time to visit is April-June, and September-October.

When to visit Montenegro in the Spring

Spring begins March 22 and lasts until June 22. The first half of spring is rainy, which can make it difficult to tour our beautiful country. April and May are the months when warmer and drier weather is expected. Rainy days are less frequent and last for several days. Temperatures per month range from March 20 Celsius, April 22 Celsius, May 24 Celsius.

When to visit Montenegro in Summer

Summer begins on May 22 and lasts until September 22. June and September are the most favorable months because the temperatures are not so high. July and August are months of extremes, here I mean temperatures and the number of tourists. The advantage is that in this period of rainy days there are almost none. Temperatures per month range from June 25 Celsius, July 82 Celsius, August 28 Celsius.

When to visit Montenegro in Autumn

Autumn lasts from September 22 to December 22. It does not take much knowledge to conclude that the end of September and October may be the most optimal period for a visit to Montenegro. These months are still mostly without rain, which allows for dry and safe driving routes. November is the month when the rainy season begins. Average temperatures per month are as follows: October 16 Celsius, November 10 Celsius, December 6 Celsius.

Autumn Montenegro

When to visit Montenegro during the Winter

Winter lasts from December 22 to March 22. New Year's and Christmas holidays are always happy and the time when cities are beautifully decorated. However, it can also be a time when it rains continuously for 10 days, or the snow doesn’t allow you to go north. Average temperatures by months are as follows: January 5 Celsius, February 7 Celsius, March 10 Celsius.

When to visit Montenegrin beaches

During the summer, numerous tourists visit Montenegro and Montenegrin beaches. Temperatures are high, especially in July and August. It is often uncomfortable to walk and sunbathe during the day, as temperatures are over 35 degrees. During this period, the beaches are very crowded, which can spoil the enjoyment of the holiday. During the period of the greatest crowds, stomach infections due to dirty water are also common. So my suggestion is that if you want clean water and pleasant temperatures, come in June or September. However, there is a difference between June and September. If you are a fan of warm seawater, then be sure to choose September. The end of summer is the time when the sea is warm after a hot summer.

When to explore national parks

There are 5 national parks in Montenegro, which cover 7.7% of the total territory of Montenegro. Two of them - Lovcen and Skadar Lake are located in the southern part, about 50 kilometers from the sea.

Skadar Lake National Park

Skadar Lake National Park is accessible almost all year round. It is necessary to have no wind to tour this area, so that the boat can cruise. You can also visit a large part of this national park on foot. Here are many local wineries and farms offering local and national dishes. There is very rare snow on the lake, so it can be visited during the winter. The best time to visit Skadar Lake is spring and early summer.

Lovcen National Park

Lovcen National Park rises above the sea. However, the lowest point of the park is at an altitude of 927 meters, and the highest peak is Stirovnik 1,749 meters. At the top of the mountain is the mausoleum of the Montenegrin Bishop Peter I Petrovic Njegos. This place can be reached from Cetinje after 20 km, and by climbing 461 steps. Due to the snow, this national park usually opens to visitors after May 1. The period from May to the end of October is ideal for visiting.

Durmitor National Park, Prokletije, Biogradska gora

The other three national parks, namely Durmitor, Prokletije, Biogradska gora, include the mountainous part. This means that if you want to visit them you have to wait until May. They typically open to visitors on May 1st. In the period before this date, heavy snow makes it impossible to explore them well. Of course, if you are a snow lover, you can be a visitor before, but temperatures are often below 0.

There is a ski center in the Durmitor National Park, which is very popular during the winter. Durmitor Ring is a road that goes around the entire national park, is 83 km long and impassable during the winter.

Also, the great distance of Podgorica Airport to the Prokletije National Park is about 150 km. Lake Biograd is 4 kilometers away from the main road.

The most favorable period for visiting the national parks of Montenegro in the north, as well as Lovcen, is the period from mid-May to October. These places are frequently the ideal place to escape from the summer heat and crowds.

What is the right time for rafting on Tara

The Tara River canyon is under the protection of UNESCO, and is a natural phenomenon. Tara has the deepest canyon in Europe 1333 m, while the length of the canyon is 60 kilometers. Rafting can take one, two or three days. One-day rafting includes the section from Brstanovica to Scepan polje in the length of 18 km. This is also the most interesting part of the canyon because the rapids are the largest. The river temperature ranges from 7 degrees in spring to 14 degrees in late summer. The fastest watercourses and rapids are during April and May. The river flows through picturesque areas, and almost everyone wants to take a bath. So I suggest you try rafting in the second half of May or the summer months. If you want to avoid the crowds, and at the same time you do not want any risk, go rafting in September. Then the water level is low, the rapids are smaller and rafting is calmer.

Tara canyon-Durmitor national park

Want an adventure on vacation?

The sea

If you want an adventure or a sport during your vacation, organize your arrival in the following way. Ulcinj is the most famous location for windsurfing and kite surfing. The season runs from May to October. However, the best month is June, because there are no crowds yet, and the winds are continuous on the big beach. The Ulcinj mistral is especially famous, which blows in the afternoon during the entire period of May-October.


If you want to try hiking or climbing, Montenegro is the right place. The terrains are suitable in mid-spring, summer and early autumn. The most attractive hiking trails are located in the national parks Durmitor and Prokletije. I want to mention that the months of July and August can be too warm and uncomfortable to climb mountains. The summer months are a good time for canyoning on the Nevidio River, and rafting on the Tara River.

When to visit cultural and historical monuments

Montenegro has many cultural and historical monuments, old towns that testify to the rich history of our small country. Most coastal towns have their own old cores. You can visit such an old town in Ulcinj, Bar, Petrovac, Budva, Herceg Novi at any time of the year. You can also visit the most important medieval monasteries in the central and coastal region throughout the year. Cetinje is the old capital of Montenegro and is the center of historical heritage. During the winter it is covered with snow, but accessible. This means that museums and galleries work. The best time to visit cultural and historical sites is April, May, September and October. Then the crowds are less, there is less waiting for access, and there is more time for individual viewing and taking photos.

What is the right time for Montenegrin festivals

Mimosa Festival

There are different manifestations at different times of the year. I'll list them in order. At the beginning of the year, one of the most famous festivals on the Montenegrin coast is the mimosa festival. The opening is in mid-February, and consists of a tasting of local products and masquerades. The festival lasts 4 weeks and runs through the entire Bay of Kotor.

Mimosa festival


The oldest festival in Montenegro is Fasinada. It has been held in Perast since 1452. The whole place participates in the festival, decorated boats sail to the nearby island. The atmosphere is great, and I suggest you be sure to attend this event.

Sea Dance

The Sea Dance Festival at Jaz is a new festival of musical character. It is held on the Jaz or in Buljarica in the period 26-29 August, and gathers over 80,000 people. The most famous music artists and stars are guests.

Boka night

Bokelj Night is a festival and competition held in Kotor. The most beautifully decorated boat received an award, and a rich entertainment program was organized throughout the evening. It takes place in the second half of August, and is very well attended.

International Fashion Festival

The International Fashion Festival in Porto Montenegro is held for 3 days. For all those who love fashion trends, this is an opportunity to enjoy the fashion shows of famous designers. It takes place in the second half of July in the central part of Porto Montenegro in Tivat.

State holidays

Public holidays that are non-working for all are May 21 and 22 - Independence Day, as well as July 13 and 14 - Statehood Day. Apart from them, there is no work for Easter on April 24.25.26, and May 1 and 2 are non-working days.

How to get around?

Montenegro has a developed road network. In every city there is a bus station from which buses depart for all parts of the country. Tickets are affordable and run, for example, the bus Budva-Durmitor National Park is about 15 euros. There are also a number of taxi associations. However, their prices are higher, so you have to pay around 120 euros for the same line Budva-Durmitor National Park.

My suggestion is to use rent a car Montenegro. Most of the beaches, lookouts and sights are located outside the cities. For example, if you want to visit Lovcen, Lipska Cave or the Ostrog Monastery, you need additional transportation because buses do not run to these locations. Also, if you want to drive the Durmitor ring, to visit the Tara canyon or Biograd Lake, you require a car.