National park Durmitor


How to get to the Durmitor National park

Durmitor National Park is located on the north of the Montenegro and is include in the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is known for its original and colorful nature, its many lakes, canyons and mountain springs. Durmitor national park the largest national park in Montenegro. Zabljak is 124 km away from Podgorica or 2.10h if traveling via Niksic. From Tivat via Niksic to Zabljak it is 153 km or 3 h drive.There is good road to the this most beautiful national park in Montenegro.

Lakes in Durmitor National Park

The are 18 lakes in Durmitor National Park at altitudes above 1500 m.

Black Lake

The largest and most famous lake is the Black Lake around which the road is arranged. There is a 3.5 km path with benches and cafe on site and many picnic areas along the lake. During the summer months, many tourists take a swim on the lake. From Zabljak, you can walk to the lake, about 2 km away. The path goes through the forest. Car entry is not allowed. In this part of the park, next to the road there is a drinking fountain. There is a toll ramp at the entrance to Black lake. There is parking for vehicles. A few hundred meters before the entrance on the right is the auto camp. Near the Black Lake, hidden in the woods is the Zminje lake, which is also very beautiful. There is a signpost to this lake.

Zminicko lake

When you come from Zabljak to Pljevlja there is a 12 km turn towards the willage of Njegovudja and Zminicko lake. There is a good macadam road from Njegovidja to the lake. Zminicko lake is a true gem of nature, surrounded bu dense pine trees. there is a walking trail around the lake.

Zabojsko lake, Vrazje lake, Jablan lake, Poscensko lake, Riblje lake, Modro lake, Valovito lake, Skrcko lake, Srablje lake and other lakes you can still find in this national park.

Hiking peaks and hiking trails

Durmitor National Park has 48 peaks sites over 2000 m. The higest peak is Bobotov kuk 2523 m, which is also the higest peak of Montenegro. To the tpo there is a marked hiking trail, and the view is unforgettable.

Savin kuk is one od finest and most visited peaks in Durmitor national park. It is 2313m high and a cable car drives to the top.

Bobotov kuk planina

Medved (2287), Prutas ( 2393), Sedlena greda (2227), Lucin vrh ( 2395), Stit (2248). and other peaks are found in Durmitor national park.

There are 22 marked trails in the |Durmitor national park.

The ascent to Bobotov kuk (5523) is the most difficult and the longest and takes 5 hours and 30minutes. This hiking trails runs past Black lake to Lokvice katun. Further down to the Biljeg valley, then Valovita valley you come to Skrka. From there to the top is about 20 minutes. The second trail to Bobotov kuk is from Sedlo pass. It is shorter and easier to climb.

Hiking trails to Savin kuk is extended in 3 hour. The route is as follows: Black ake (1416), source Tocak ( 1540), Mioc valley ( 1569), Sava water ( 1212) Savin kuk-top (1313).

Medjed, Prutas, Sljeme, Crvena greda, Planinica, Minin bogaz are other hiking trails that require physical fitness as they are quite strenuous.

About Zabljak

In the center of the national park is the town of Zabljak. It is located at an altitude of 1450 m, making it the higest populated area in Europe. There are many hotels, restaurants and houses available in the city. This park is most beautiful visited during the summer. Zabljak is known for the specialties of Montenegrin cuisine, which you should try.

Ticket prices and offers

Ticket for Black lake or other part of national park is 3 euros per day. Entrance is free for children under 7 years old. A three ticket day is 6 euro, a 7 day ticket is 12 euro. Boat rental on Black lake 8 e/1h, bike rental 3 e/1h, bike rental 8 e/ day, use of tent space 3 e per day, and auto caravan 3 e per day too, use of arranged camping space 10 e per day.