Car Accident in a Rental Car-What to Do?


What to do if you have an accident in a rental car: Cars should not be moved. Contact the police because they must come and file an accident report. Exchange insurance, driver license number and personal contact information with the other parties involved. Then the driver should take multiple photos or video of the damage and the scene of the crash. You should contact your car rental agency. After that there are two cases:

The car has compulsory insurance. In that cases if the car accident was caused by the driver of the rental car, he will pay the damage to the rent a car company. This is because the insurance company pays damages to the suferred driver by debiting the renter car owner s company. If the driver of the rental car is not quilty of the accident, then he pays nothing. The damage is compensated by the insurance company.

The car has comprehensive (casco) insurance.In that cases if the car accident was caused by the driver of the rental car, he pays nothing.

The European Accident Report is also completed immediately. This report is completed if there are no injuries persons and drivers agree on who is it fault, and if the damage is up to 500 eura.

How to complete the European Accident Report

The report consist of two copies the original and a copy. The original is retained by the damaged driver, while the copy is taken by the driver who caused the accident. All fields should be completed in detail. Both driver need to sign report. The driver who caused accident is signed on the right side(B), and the driver who suffered the sugned on the left side (A).

After the procedure is complete, keep in mind that you are stil resposibile for the car. If the car is in runing order, drive it to the car rental company base. If the car cannot be driven, call a blind service and take it to the car rental company base.

Compulsory vehicle insurance in Montenegro

Compulsory vehicle insurance is prescribed by law. This insurance covers damage which you cause to your vehicle or third parties (pedestrians, passengers in another vehicle, cyclist). In the event of a car accident for which you are fault, the insurance company pays money for the damage to another person who suffered the damage. The insurance company is obliged to pay the damages no matter who managed it because the policy is one the vehicle and not on the driver. The most popular form of insurance for rental vehicle in Montenegro is the compulsory vehicle insurance.

Full comprehensive-Casco insurance

It is voluntary insurance. Casco insurance compensate all damages incurred to the vehicle, regardlessof who caused the damage.

It covers:

Traffic accidents,

Natural disaster( fire, earthquake, avalanche, storm, thunder, flood, landslide)

If damage was caused fom third persons, vandalism, theft and robbery,

Special damage ( crash of the aircraft)

Damage of animals.

Insurance limitations

What the insurance does not cover? Insurance limitations are as follows: compulsory and comprehensive insurance do not compensate tire and windshield damage. The insurance company does not pay anything, if the driver was intoxicated during the accident. An alcohol test is conducted immediately by the police at the scene of the accident.

Which insurance to choose

Which insurance to choose? If you want to be completely calm, the full casco insurance is a better choice. It is more expensive and ranges from 5 to 15 euros extra per day of rent. However, since tourists usually drive very carefully, the damage is always rare and small. This is why most of the time this damage can be covered by a deposit. Therefore, our suggestion is that it is more worthwhile to take compulsory insurance for Montenegro.

Rental car insurance

Green card

A green card is a required document if you want to travel from Montenegro abroad. The issuance of this document required a traffic permit and insurance policy. Price is about 20 euro and depends on the insurance company. In case green card bought at the border, the price is higher. The green card is issued by an insurance company with wich the car is registered and valid for one year.

If you are traveling across the border from Montenegro, you need a green card for the all countries in the regions except Serbia. One green car is valid for any country you want to visit. Its all-round insurance is protection for possible damage you may cause to third parties abroad.