Top 12 Outdoor Activities In Montenegro For An Active Vacation


If you want a vacation that will relieve you of stress, return to nature and make you feel full of energy again - decide for an active vacation in Montenegro! Mountains, sea, rivers, lakes, and canyons - choose your adventure and experience a summer to remember.

Read below the top 12 outdoor activities in Montenegro for summer 2021:

Hiking in Montenegro

In addition to the Kotor ramparts and the fortress of St. Ivan with a famous view of the bay, Ivan's troughs and Njegoš's mausoleum, Sava's hip and Black Lake walk through the unreal mountain Lukavica to Captain's Lake, pass the canyon of Mrtvica and the Gate of Wishes, discover Trnovačko Lake in the shape of a heart and experience Orjen on a full night The moon. Those who want to conquer the Montenegrin Alps - Prokletije, will find a challenging trail "Peaks of the Balkans", but also a hiking and walking route "Via Dinarica", which National Geographic Traveler ranked among the best destinations in the world. And much more.

Hiking in Montenegro on the Trnovacko lake in Nature park Piva

Rafting Tara

Tara rafting is in itself a sufficient reason to visit Montenegro. This unforgettable experience of launching by rubber boats, along with overcoming sparkling rapids, is a challenge full of adrenaline that will bring a smile back to your face. Apart from being the cleanest river in Europe, the Tara is one of the top three most attractive rafting rivers in the world.

Tara river rafting in Montenegro


Bike trails connect the natural beauties of Montenegro, so do not miss to experience some of them, such as the one that starts from the fishing village of Dodoši, through the swampy area of Skadar Lake, all the way to the fortress Žabljak Crnojevića. It is adapted for recreation, as well as the popular "cosmic" - a trail that starts from Plav, and passing by the lake of the same name, Visitor mountain, and the river Ljuča leads to Gusinje and back to the starting point, the path in the shape of number eight. If you like challenges, try the trail Endless Landscapes which starts from Podgorica and passes through five municipalities: Danilovgrad, Savnik, Plužine, Žabljak, and Kolašin. In addition to it, four other national trails await you in Montenegro: Salty and Sweet, Discoveries in the North, Magic East, and Stories by the Water.

Kitesurfing in Ulcinj

Kitesurfers adore Velika plaza beach in Ulcinj, which resembles desert dunes, and there is also the largest kitesurf center in the Balkans. This place has a special energy that is hard to describe in words. The same goes for Vražje Lake on Durmitor, and kite lovers sometimes try their skills in the Strait of Verige or on Lake Krupac.

Kitesurfing in Ulcinj Montenegro

Canyoning in Nevidio

The deepest European canyon is located right here, so it is not surprising that Montenegro is attractive as a canyoning destination. Apart from the famous Tara, there is also the mysterious Nevidio canyon, and if its kamikaze gate sounds creepy to you, try the Grlje canyon on Prokletije! And is Bar's Hot Rijeka or Kotor's Škurda more beautiful? It's up to you to find out!


Hanging out with the clouds in the sky above Montenegro is an adventure in itself. Petar Lončar, the first pilot in the world to fly a paraglider on all seven continents, says that only Durmitor is not forgotten. Others claim that the flight over the Bay of Kotor is the most beautiful in the world, and the airfield Dizdarica near Herceg Novi "Mecca" is for fans of this extreme sport. Apart from Durmitor and Orjen, you can find airfields in Visitor and Brajići.

Fly fishing

Thanks to Lake Plav and the rivers Ljuča, Lim, and Zlorečica, Montenegro has entered the fly fishing map of the world. The European Championship in this sport was held last year in Berane, Plav, and Andrijevica, and satisfied competitors declared the small, Balkan country a new favorite fly fishing destination. This type of fishing, which for many is also a "therapy in nature", has a long tradition on the river Tara, in the part near Mojkovac that is ideal for this type of sport.

Zipline in Tara Canyon

Are you up for a flight over the spectacular Tara Canyon, at an altitude of 150m? Or maybe you prefer to indulge in this adventure above the lake, say Pivski? It is equally good to try the zip line above the Bay of Kotor, on the famous Njeguši. Choose your zip line adventure, find good company and let this be your summer to remember!


Discover the hidden tunnels, caves, and reefs of the island of Sveti Nikola, explore Poseidon's town on the Lustica peninsula, and peek into the "Sweet Cave" cave located on Cape Bigovo. You will find diving beaches on parts of Budva's Jaz and Slovenska beaches. The wonderful underwater world of the southern Adriatic hides the shipwreck of the Yugoslav Navy, but also many other interesting things.

Adventure parks

For a day filled with laughter and good fun in nature, visit one of the Adventure Parks. Whichever you choose - on Orjen, Ivanovi koriti, the forest park Gorica, Kolašin, or on Black Lake - you won't go wrong. Whether you are with company or family, set yourself a goal and check what your limits of endurance and dexterity are. Children will especially enjoy and recount this adventure with their parents for a long time

Horseback riding

If you can't imagine your vacation in nature without riding a horse and you believe in the special connection between man and these noble animals, then you are in the right place! Enjoy adventures in beautiful mountainous areas, such as Pavino polje, and meet your hosts - they will remind you of long-forgotten heroes. You can also indulge in this relaxing sport on Ada Bojana - doctors claim that it has a therapeutic effect. Also, on Mont Joy Ranch you can try hippotherapy - physiotherapy with the help of horses.


Do you love nature and little envy hikers for the feeling of freedom when they climb to the top? Then you must try the Via Ferrata - safe climbing along cliffs. It is time to get to know these fascinating mountains above Kotor, but also to conquer its majesty - Durmitor. In addition to Via Ferrate, you can try your climbing skills at the Smokovac climbing area, near Podgorica.