Rent a car in Podgorica


Rent a car in Podgorica

Rent a car in Podgorica, because that is the easiest way to get to know the capital of Montenegro. Take over the vehicle at the airport in Podgorica is the most common solution for tourists visiting our country. Rent a car at Podgorica airport is arranged in advance, and our staff is waiting for you at the airport. The airport is 8 kilometers away from the city, so you can quickly reach the city center. The town is the economic and trade center of Montenegro. There are no money exchange offices in the city. The euro is in use, and you can exchange money at all banks in the period from 8 am to 8 pm.

Find suitable accommodation in Podgorica

When you decide on a car rental in Podgorica, you need to find suitable accommodation. You will likely book accommodation in advance. However, here is some information about the most affordable and quality hotels in town. In the center of the city is the Hilton, which is intended for deep-pocket tourists. But in the city center, several smaller hotels are very high quality and have a great location. These are Hotel Aleksandar, Eminent, Nikic, Ziya, Ramada, and others. A large number of smaller hotels are in other parts of town. By searching on the Internet, you can check the conditions, as well as whether they have secured parking for your vehicle. The prices of staying in hotels are very diverse, so it takes patience before the final decision. In addition to these hotels, the offer of an apartment per day has been developed in the city. Tourists can arrange apartment rental for a day or longer. The price ranges from 15 to 50 euros per day, depending on the location, size, and comfort.

If you're car rental in Podgorica, which car to choose?

If you're car rental in Podgorica, you must take into account the following facts.

  • The town is densely populated and visited by many tourists, especially during the summer season.
  • For easier movement around the city, we recommend an economical and smaller vehicle. In our fleet, we own a Hyundai i20 AT, a Chevrolet Spark, or a Renault Clio that is great for local roads.
  • By renting these automobiles, it will be easier for you to move around town, where the roads are often quite narrow.
  • You can see our fleet to make a reservation on the preferred vehicle.

When renting a car at Podgorica airport which agency to choose?

When you decide to rent a car at Podgorica Airport, you need to know some facts. The agency doesn't need to have its own office at the airport. All rental agencies from Podgorica offer take over at the airport Golubovci, regardless of where the company is headquartered. At the airport itself, the offices are owned only by large companies that work according to the franchise model. These firms should be avoided because they have special business rules, and are less flexible than domestic agencies. Their prices are often lower, but other hidden costs and deposits are much higher. Finally, the control of agents who rent out your automobile is almost impossible because the ownership hierarchy is fragmented, and abuses are very common.

Car Rental in Podgorica - how does it work?

Car Rental in Podgorica works mainly according to the following rules. Reservations are made in advance, via the website, email or phone. The automobile is brought to the address specified by the client. The vehicle is usually rented at Podgorica airport. The tourist leaves a deposit that has been agreed in advance. Some agencies take a deposit of up to 500 euros. The deposit in our agency is 100 euros. It is necessary to inspect the vehicle well or take a few photos, for the tourist to determine the true condition of the automobile. This is important because when the automobile is returned some earlier damage can be attributed to the last user. We recommend that the User of the vehicle check the fuel level and compare it with the data entered in the contract. All agencies offer unlimited mileage, travel insurance, extra driver, child seat, and free cancellation. Agencies also offer free winter tires, as well as tire chains, because, in the period from November 15 to April 1, all vehicles in Montenegro must have winter tires.


How to hire a car in Podgorica and save money?

The best way to save on travel is to hire a car in Podgorica. That will allow you to discover the capital and its surroundings at the lowest cost. Respecta car agency has a special loyalty program, so it provides significant discounts to its regular customers. At the same time, if new customers say they are on a recommendation they can also get a discount. This type of transportation is more cost-effective than any other, especially if you come with friends or family. The sum of individual tickets you would pay for another type of transportation is certainly significantly higher than the price of the rented automobile.

If you hire a car in Podgorica, where to park?

When you hire a car in Podgorica, it is safest to park it in one of the 5 garages. Their addresses and number of parking spaces are as follows: Novaka Miloseva Street -97 parking spaces, Karadjordjeva Street-109 parking spaces, Milana Popovica Street-203 parking spaces, Blaza Jovanovica Street - 235 parking spaces, Moskovska Street -53 parking spaces.

In addition to garages, you can park your rented vehicle in the paid parking lots, which are: Miljana Vukova Street in the city center-74 parking spaces, Vaka Djurovica Street in front of the city stadium-84 parking spaces, Ivana Milutinovica Street near the sports center Moraca-195 parking places, Bulevar Stanka Dragojevica-220 parking spaces, Cetinjski put next to the university building-190 parking spaces, John Jackson Street near the clinical center-170 parking spaces.

There are also marked parking spaces throughout the city. To park here, you need to send an SMS with a license plate to the parking service number. The price per hour for all types of parking ranges from 40 cents to 60 cents.

Rent a car in Podgorica safely and during COVID-19

You can rent your car safely and flexibly in Podgorica and during COVID-19. In April, the Respecta Car agency introduced a disinfection protocol for clients, employees, and vehicles. The protocol is updated every month by Government orders, client needs, and the epidemiological situation. The entire fleet is cleaned and disinfected before and after each issue, and the steering wheel and gearbox are additionally treated with disinfectants. Our offices are also thoroughly cleaned before and after each client. Finally, each client received a disinfectant spray as a gift for a safe trip.

Rent a car in Podgorica and visit the most beautiful places

When you come to Montenegro, go to the Respecta car agency for car rental in Podgorica. A rented vehicle will allow you to easily visit the most beautiful places. In the first place is the Cathedral of Christ's Resurrection - one of the largest Christian temples in Europe. The height of the temple is 26.7 meters, and the central bell weighing 11 tons is the largest in the Balkans. Entrance to the temple is free, and its rooms are rich in frescoes and work by excellent icon painters.

Something you should not miss is Skadar Lake, which is close to the capital city. However, you need to take over the vehicle in town, because it is the fastest way to get to Virpazar on the way to Cetinje. There you have free parking. There are a large number of boats and barges that are intended for trips to the lake. You can arrange with the owners to visit one of the local wineries on the lake itself. This region is famous for its quality wine and lake fish.

If you want a longer ride, take a panoramic road-circle around the Korita. The road is about 65 km long and can be crossed in a few hours. On this route, you can visit the medieval fortress Medun, as well as the museum of Marko Miljanov-Montenegrin hero and the first mayor of Podgorica. The path leads through picturesque landscapes and has several exceptional lookouts such as Orljevo, Sokolovo throat, Delaj.

Visit the best restaurants in Podgorica

If you are a gourmet and want to visit the best restaurants in Podgorica, renting a car will help you to move around town and surrounding easily. One of the most beautiful places in the restaurant Knjaz on Mareza. Here you can enjoy a pleasant ambience and delicious food.

The next restaurant is Cijevna-Niagara Falls. With a rented vehicle you should go to Tuzi, where this restaurant is located. In addition to excellent food, you can enjoy the unique view of the waterfalls created by the Cijevna River.

The third restaurant you can visit is the restaurant Jezero- Jul Plantaze. It is located on the road to Virpzar, on the shores of Skadar Lake. The large terrace faces the lake, so the ambience is great. The restaurant offers Montenegrin specialties but is especially famous for its lake and sea fish dishes.

The best excursions with rent a car in Podgorica

If you rent a car in Podgorica, we suggest you make a few trips that will brighten up your vacation.

When you take the E762 road towards Budva, at 18 km there is a crossroads towards the Crnojevica River. This small place will enchant you with its beauty. Danilo's bridge is an unavoidable detail from all postcards from Montenegro. At the same time, the view from the Vidikovac Pavlova side will further decorate your trip. Not far from Rijeka Crnojevic is Obod. The first South Slavic printing house worked in this fortress, and the first book was printed in this area in 1494 - called Oktoix.

Another suggestion for a visit is Ostrog Monastery. It is 43 km away from the capital city, and the road is towards Niksic. This is one of the largest Christian shrines in the world, with a unique location and ambience. In it are the bridges of St. Basil the Wonderworker. Admission is free, but due to the large crowds, we recommend a tour early in the morning. Within the monastery is a rich treasury and souvenir shop. Car parking is a few hundred meters away from the monastery and is free.

From town, you can make an unforgettable trip to Lake Biograd. This is a national park that includes the oldest rainforest in Europe. This national park can be reached when you take the road to Kolasin and is 92 km away from the capital city. The entrance is charged 3 euros per person. Around the lake, there is a road that can go around the whole lake in an hour. Benches and rest areas are arranged and adapted for tourists. Next to the lake, there is a restaurant and bungalows where you can spend the night. This is one of the most beautiful national parks in Montenegro. It should be noted that the road leading through the canyon of the river Moraca is unique and very interesting for visitors.

Top Things To Do In the Capital of Montenegro

Once you are in the capital of Montenegro you can do the following things.

Visit the popular picnic area of Gorica, and have a coffee in a bar located next to the adventure park. After that, walk across Independence Square to the old town and the Clock Tower, which was built in 1667. Go through the old town and go down the stairs. It is the place where Ribnica flows into Morac, and it is one of the special places in this city. After that, continue over the Blaza Jovanovica bridge to the new part of the city. There you will be able to refresh yourself and feel the modern spirit of the capital in numerous bars and pubs. If you are an art lover in Krusevac Park is the castle of King Nikola, which houses the center of contemporary art with 1500 works of art. If you love shopping, walk past the university park and visit Delta city. There is a shopping mall that offers countless different shops, boutiques, and other facilities.

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