Stunning panoramic roads of the Montenegro


Panoramic roads Montenegro

Montenegro provides some stunning panoramic roads. These roads have fantastic views of mountains and lakes, sea and rivers. We uncover some of the finest panoramic roads below. If you want to explore Montenegro, and prefer an active vacation, the best months for that are May, September, and October. During that period, the number of tourists is smaller, and the temperatures are more pleasant. To visit these parts of Montenegro, you need to have a car. Rent a car at the Respecta car agency quickly and easily, via the website or by phone. We will bring the rented car to the address that suits you. On the way through Montenegro, you can start from Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, or rent a car in Kolasin and Zabljak.

Choose the right car

The best cars for touring these panoramic roads are smaller but still powerful vehicles. Because the roads are often narrow and with a lot of curves, so they require careful driving. In the fleet, we have Hyundai I20, Chevrolet Spark, and Renault Clio which are perfectly adapted for our roads. Our vehicles are thoroughly disinfected, have all the accompanying equipment, new tires, and insurance. If you discover new places you want to explore during your holiday, you can extend your reservation at no extra cost. Our agency has an extremely flexible policy of reservations, lease extensions, and cancellations. During the whole trip, you can contact us for support and help. Agents will give you detailed information about individual places, the best restaurants, accommodation, gas stations, and the like.

The circuit around Korita

Panoramic roads circuit around Korita is one of the most popular route in Montenegro. This panoramic roads is 65 kilometers long and start from Podgorica. The circuit around Korita is the signposted and paved throughout. The beginning of the road is when you drive from Podgorica towards Kolasin. There is a signpost for the Kuci area.

Tourist attraction along the route

-The monument of Novak Milosev-viewpoint, 15 kilometers away from Podgorica.

-The Fortress of Medun, The Museum of Marko Miljanov, 16 kilometers away from Podgorica.

-Ubli, Church of St. John the Theologian, 12th century, Church of the Ascension of the Lord, 18th century, local vinery. 19 kilometers away from Podgorica.

-Orahovo, village, 26 kilometers away from Podgorica.

-Kucka Korita, 32 kilometers away from Podgorica.

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-Grlo sokolovo, Falcon s Gorge, viewpoint. The lookout point can be reached on foot from the main road about 4 km. The view of the Cijevna canyon is amazing.

- Delaj, viewpoint.

-Fundina and Rasovici, monument the battle of Fundina 1876 years. This is one the most significant battle Montengrin people against the Ottomman empire.

After that place, continue to follow the panoramic road and back to Podgorica. There are no petrol stations along the this road. Refreshment are available in Ubli and Korita at the local bar. Recomend time to undertake a journey is period between May and October.

Durmitor ring

Panoramic road Durmitor ring is a circular journey 76 kilometers long. The tour starts from the center of Zabljak and continues around the mountain massif of Durmitor. During this route you will have the opportunity to see the deepest canyon in Europe, vast plateaus and some of the highest peaks in this country and meet the locals who will bring you closer to the way of life in this area.

Practical advice

From Žabljak, drive to Momčilo's town and further towards the village of Mala Crna Gora. A small part of the road - 7 km is macadam - is not paved.

-Stuoc, 1950 metre high viewpoint, 13 kilometers away from Zabljak.

-Mala Crna Gora, village, 20 kilometers away from Zabljak.

-Canyon Susice, 27 kilometers away from Zabljak. Here begins 7 kilometers of gravel road.

-Nedajno, village, 34 kilometers away from Zabljak.

Prutas national park Durmitor

-Trsa, ecovillage, 1950 metre high. 34 kilometers away from Zabljak. Here you can refresh yourself in a restaurant or cafe.

The end of the panoramic road passes by the top of Stožina and the tame Pošćenski region. This way we recommend traveling in the period May-October. During the winter, this road is not passable.

Panoramic road around Bay of Kotor

The stunning drive panoramic road Bay of Kotor takes you along the seaside and offer beautiful view. The road is about 42 kilometers long if you start from Lepetan and end the road in Kamenari.

Tourist attraction along the route

Prcanj-8 kilometers away from Lepetani. The old settlement of naval captains Prčanj has been declared a natural climatic health resort by the decision of the royal government since 1920. The sea water in the bay is classified in I and II category of purity.

Kotor-UNESCO World heritage site, the old city was built in 12th century. One of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval cities in the Mediterranean.

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Perast-12 kilometers away from Kotor. Declared the most beautiful old town in Montenegro. In it you can see the famous island of Our Lady of the Scorpions-Gospa od Skrpjela.

Risan-18 kilometers away from Kotor. Risan is especially known for its monuments from the ancient period. I-IIvv. marble palaces decorated with sculptures and mosaics were built here. Of these, only the ruins of the villa of the Roman patrician remain. It is known for its floor mosaics, among which stands out the unique and only in the Balkans, the image of the dream god Hypnos.

Kostanjica -24 kilometers away from Kotor. Quiet, fishing village with lush vegetation.

Kotor to Lovcen nacional park-Serpentine road

From Kotor leads the old road to the national park Lovćen.Stunning view of the Bay of Kotor. It is especially known for its 26 serpentines.

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The road is narrow, and paved. It is about 50 km long. You can refresh yourself at Njeguši. Njegoš's birth house is also located in Njeguši.

This panoramic road provides the opportunity to see the coast and mountainous area of Montenegro.