Tara River Canyon and Rafting in Montenegro


Tara Canyon

Tara Canyon is 1300 meters deep and 78 kilometres long. Tara Canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe. The Tara River is the longest river in Montenegro and is 148 km long. It is under UNESCO protection and is one of the 25 most important sights in the world. The Tara river is known as the tear of Europe, which means it is very clean and can be drunk safely in most of its course. It erupts below Komovi Mountain at an altitude of 2400 meters. It receives most of its water from numerous tributaries, the largest of which are the Ljutica, Susica, Draga, and Vaskovaska Rivers. It has 14 tributaries and 69 rapids. Another feature is her waterfalls, of which there are 40. The most beautiful are Crna Vrela (Black Hot), Bijela Vrela (White Hot) Djavolje lazi, Sokolovina i Bijeli kamen. Cijela oblast je izuzetno bogata biljnim i zivotinjskim vrstama. Thus, trout, salmon and juniper live in the river, and in dense forest bears, wolves, foxes, eagles. Black pine, hornbeam, ash, lime beech and other trees grow along the riverbank and canyon. Black pine forests are of particular value. This complex called the Black Floor is an area of trees up to 50 meters high and up to 450 years old. There are over 80 interesting caves in the canyon, some of which have not yet been fully explored.

Temperatures in the Tara canyon exceed 30 degrees during the summer, while the nights are extremely pleasant with temperatures around 20 degrees.

Waterfall Bajlovica Sige unique natural pearl

Waterfall Bajlovica sigee unique natural pearl

Rafting on Tara Canyon in Montenegro

The Tara River Canyon is 100 km long for rafting. Tara canyon can be divided into upper and lower parts. There are two starting points for rafting. In the upper part of the canyon, the starting point is Sljivansko or Splaviste. From this starting point, you can go to the whole Tara canyon by rafting. The tour through the canyon takes two days. The overnight stay is in Radovan luka.

The price for two days of rafting is from 70-90 euros. The price depends on the agency you choose. The price includes all fees and taxes, transportation, equipment for rafting, overnight and 5 meals for two days.

If you want rafting to last only one day, then you start from Brstanovica. This tour belongs to the lower part of the canyon and is 18 kilometres long. This is also the most attractive part of the rafting of Tara because there are many rapids on this part. The rafting ends in Scepan field and rafting competitions are held on this part too.

One day rafting costs around 40-60 euros. The price depends on the agency you choose. This offer includes all taxes, breakfast and lunch, equipment for rafting, and transportation.

Rafting on rivet Tara in Montenegro

Rafting on Tara river a paradise for adventurers

What is the best period for rafting in Montenegro?

Rafting on Tara begins in April and ends in October. The degree of the weight of water on the rafting scale for Tara ranges from third to fifth degree. The degree of weighing of water rises in early spring, and with rising water levels, it reaches its maximum in May. Meaning that the best period for rafting is May and June. But as water levels drop in July and August, some other rapids and noises appear. The conclusion is the best period always. Rafting on Tara is always a very exciting and unique experience. The canyon of Tara and rafting are unforgettable memories that you need to bring from Montenegro.

Jeep Safari

A very attractive offer is also a ride through Tara Canyon or through Durmitor National Park. This arrangement is called a jeep safari. There are more offers depending on the agencies that arrange the ride. Most tourists chooses a jeep safari Durmitor ring that lasts about 5 hours. The price is 25 to 5 euros per person depending on the agency. Jeep safari visits most of the beautiful parts of the area. Still, one day is not enough for all the beauty of a national park. The recommendation to properly explore the beauty of this national park is to rent a car. For lakes, waterfalls, lookouts, caves, Tara canyon, you need three days and a good schedule.

How to get to Tara Canyon?

The easiest way to get from Podgorica airport is by car from Podgorica-Niksic-Zabljak. The distance is 124 km and the ride takes about 2 hours. Another way you can come is Podgorica -Kolasin- Mojkovac-Zabljak. This journey takes about 3 hours and the distance is about 160 km. From the airport Tivat you can reach by car via Tivat-Kamenari-Morinj-Niksic-Zabljak. The distance is 153 km and the car ride takes about 3 hours.