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Registration of residence in Montenegro

Find important and useful information for your stay in Montenegro. All foreigners are obliged to report their stay within 24 hours of entering Montenegro. If the tourist is staying in a registered accomodation (hotel, motel, apartments or room), then the accomodation provider is obliged to registration in and registration out the foreigner who is his guest. Chek in is done at a police station or local tourist organization. An application form and passport (or other identification document) are required to registration for a stay.

Traffic regulations in Montenegro

speed limit and roads

Speed limit in populated area - 50 km/h

Speed limit outside the cities is 80 km/h, or in accordance to a traffic sign.

The young driver and the novice driver must not drive the vehicle at a speed exceeding 70 km/h.

The vehicle is moving on the right side of the road in the direction of travel.

Passageways have vehicles on the right side.

The driver must not start overtaking or bypassing vehicle columns, escort vehicles, crosses the vehicle over a continuous longitudinal line, at the pass, the tunnel.

Overtaking and detouring is done on the left side of the vehicle being overtaken or bypassed.

Daytime and nightime, the dipped beam must be on when driving.

drivers and passengers

The driver and passengers are required to wear a seat belt.

A child under the age of 12, may not be carried in a vehicle in the front seat.

A child under the age of 5 must be transported to a safety seat and be attached.

It is driver responsibility to mark the stopped vehicle with a red triangle. The red triangle shall be placed on the road behind the stopped vehicle, in a vertical position and at a distance not less than 50 meters on the road outside the cities and 10 meters in the cities.

If the driver outside his vehicle on the roadway, he is obliged to wear a west with light-reflecting features.

The driver, ie participant of a traffic accident in which only material damage occurred shall: fills in a European traffic accident report when an authorized person fails to inspect a road accident.

A foreigner temporarily residing in Montenegro on the basis of a valid driving license may drive vehicle in a territory of Montenegro.

Regional and motorway

Information about speed limit in montenegro

Information about speed limit in Montenegro

Useful information about roads in Montenegro.

Main road: Bijelo Polje-Podgorica-Cetinje-Budva-Kotor-Perast-Risan-Herceg Novi (E65, E80), distance 250 km.

Main road: Risan-Niksic-Zabljak, distance 147 km.

Main road: Herceg Novi-Tivat-Budva-Petrovac-Bar-Ulcinj, distance 108 km.

In Montenegro, 80% of the roads are paved, and passable during the 6 months of the tourist season.

Petrol station

Petrol stations in Montenegro have the following fuel types: Euro super 98, Euro super 95, Euro diesel i LPG. Gas station are located in all cities and along major roads.

Petrol station in Montenegro Lukoil

Petrol station in Montenegro Lukoil


There are two airport in Montenegro:

-airports in Podgorica, located 10 km from the center of Podgorica. There are no bus lines to the city. Taxi services or contracted car rental are available for the carriage of passangers.

-airports in Tivat, located 4 km from the centar of Tivat. The Budva-Tivat regional roads passes by the airport. Here you can wait for the bus to Tivat, or in the other direction towards Budva. You can alco use a taxi or rent a car service at the airport.


The mail railway lines goes from Bar to Bijelo Polje, and further to Belgrade. The train station are: Bar, Sutomore, Podgorica, Kolasin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje. The length of the railway is 140km.

Mobile connection and internet

In Montenegro there are 3 operators and internet service providers.

Telenor (069)

T-mobile (067)

M:tel (068)

You can buy SIM cards in mini kiosk at airport in Podgorica or Tivat. You can also byu SIM cards at stores, post offices, shopping centers or in the office of the operator s company. Tariffs for mobile internet for tourist are amount to 10 euro for 200 GB, and can be used for 15 days.

Currency and payments methods

Euro is used in Montenegro. There are no currency exchange offices in Montenegro, but you can exchange money at commercial banks. In Montenegro, you can use the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners.Almost all restaurants, markets, gas stations etc, accept card payments. Useful information also is there are ATM-s in all cities where you can withdraw money.