Bay of Kotor-The largest Adriatic bay


The Bay of Kotor belongs to the list of Clubs of the most beautiful bays in the world. The bay of Kotor and Risan has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.

It is made up of four connected straits. The highest point of the bay is on the northwest side and it is the top of Mount Orjen -1865 m, while the maximum depth of the bay is 60 m. The Gulf enters the mainland 28 kilometers while the coastline is 105.7 km. There are seven islands in the bay, namely St. Mark, Mamula, Our Lady of the Rocks, St. George, Mercy, Island of Flowers and Little Lady.

How you can reach the Bay of Kotor

There are three ways to reach the bay.

By the roads

Podgorica-Budva-Kotor(Tivat), Podgorica-Niksic-Risan, Bar-Budva-Kotor(Tivat), Trebinje-Herceg Novi, Dubrovnik-Herceg-Novi.

By the airports

Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik, and Tirana. Dubrovnik Airport is located in Croatia, 70km from Kotor. Tirana airport is located in Albania and is 200 km avay from Kotor.

By sea

Ports in Kotor and Herceg Novi.

Ferry Kamenari-Lepetane

You can cross the bay using the Kamenari Lepetane ferry. The ferryboat is located in the places of Lepetani, which is 5 km away from Tivat. The ferry line is to Kamenari, located on other side of bay. Kamenari are 15 km away from Herceg Novi. Traffic on ferry passage Kamenari-Lepetane operates non stop 24h. Pedestrian transportation is free. Price for bicycle is 1 euro. Price for automobil or big van automobil (7 seats, and <5m) is 4.5 euro. Price for automobil with a trailer or big van automobil (7 seats, and >5m) is 8 euro. Transportation takes 15 minuts. Tickets are purchased just before the transportation, at a kiosk located on the shore next to the ferry entrance. The ticket is paid in cash, the currencyis the euro.

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Cities in the Bay of Kotor

The cities in the Bay of Kotor are Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat. On the Herceg Novi Riviera there are also smaller towns: Njivice, Igalo, Meljine, Zelenika, Kumbor, Djenovici, Baosici, Bijela, Kamenari. There are also picnics of Rose, Zanjice, Arza and Mamula Island in the Hercegnovo part of the bay.

On the Kotor Riviera there are: Kostanjica, Morinj, Lipci, Strp, Risan, Perast, Drazin vrt, Orahovac Ljuta, Dobrota, Kotor, Muo, Prcanj and Stoliv. Near Risan there are two islands of Our Lady of Skrpelj and St. George.

On the Tivat Riviera there are places: Lepetane, Opatovo, Donja Lastva, Klaimanj, Zupa, Bjelila and Krasici.

Most important tourist places and festivals

The most significant in the Bay of Kotor are Kotor, Perast, Herceg Novi and Tivat. Kotor is one of the most visited and important places in Montenegro. It is known for festivals and cultural and historical monuments. Perast is 12 km fom kotor. It is considered the most beautiful coastal city in Montenegro, famous for its old construction. Herceg Novi is known as a botanical garden city with diverse architecture. Tivat is a special place for tourist from all over the world. It has luxury complex and marina with 630 berths for yachts.

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Two well-known festivals are held in Kotor, symbolizing not only the Bay of Kotor, but also the whole of Montenegro. The first is Kotor Summer Carnival and the second is Bokelj Night. The Summer International Carnival is held at the beginning of August and lasts for three days. The Bokelj Night in 2019 took place on 24 August. It is a true music-entertainment spectacle that accompanies ship defiles and great fireworks.

Hiking trails in Bay of Boka

In the hinterland of the Bay of Kotor there is a very well-developed and quality network of hiking trails. From the Herceg Novi starts the coastal transfer station Orjen-Lovcen-Rumija, which is about 155 kilometers long. From Herceg Novi the access path for the transfer station is the Herceg Novi-Kameno-Borici-mountaineering hut behind the shaft. One of the most visited trails is the mountaineering lodge for Vratlom-Vilino gumno-Subra. Exceptional vistas from the top extend all over Montenegro.

One of the easiest but most visited trails is from the old town of Kotor to the fortress Sveti Ivan. Climbing to this fort takes about 35 minutes of easy walking. Halfway to the fortress is the Chapel of the Salvation of the Virgin, which also offers a great view of the old town.

In this part, the St. Andrew's Fort (Vranovo Brdo) - Gornji Orahovac trail is very attractive. Fort St. Andrew is located above Perast. It takes two hours to reach the fort, but the view is excellent. During the season, an entrance fee to the walls is paid 8 euros.