Beauty of the Ulcinj


Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns in the Adriatic, located at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea. The Old Town whose walls are from the Illyrian period, along with squares and a network of streets, is an outstanding cultural and historical monument. It is especially worth mentioning Citadel in the upper part dominated by the tower of Balsic. Then you should visit the palaces of Venezia, in which the Venetian Venetian residence was once visited. In front of the mosque church in the Old Town there is the Slave Square, where slaves that were captured by Ulcinj pirates were sold during the 17th century.

Ulcinj is famous for its large 14 km long beach. Small sand, warm and clear sea are a true experience for all tourists looking for a peaceful holiday. In the part of the big beach there is also the island of Ada Bojana. On this island there is a nudist beach that is an untouched nature belt available to naturists.

You should visit the Valdanost cove, which is famous for its large olive grove of an average age of 800 years. It is easily reached by the arrival of Ulcinj to Bar. The state of Montenegro has placed it under the protection of the state as a special monument of nature.

Lake Sasko is located in the hinterland of Ulcinj, it is peaceful and rich with fish. Distance from Ulcinj is about 20 km or 30 minutes drive. It's easiest to get to Saskatoon by car. This is an ideal place for a trip to nature, swimming in a warm lake water, or a boat ride. The lake is located in a hotel where you can eat excellent local specialties.

Ulcinj is at a distance of 95 km or 1.30 h from Podgorica airport. It is 84 km away from the airport in Tivat and the route is mostly inspected and it moves along the coast. If you want to explore this area, we suggesting renting a car in Respecta car agency.