Journey through the Charms of Montenegro


Journey through the Charms of Montenegro

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves gently lapping against ancient stone walls, as the first rays of the sun illuminate the stunning landscapes and historical monuments along Montenegro's Adriatic coast - a paradise for photographers and nature lovers. Discover the charm of our three-day journey, with the option to extend it at your leisure to fully enjoy the tour. This guide will take you through some of the most beautiful and photogenic locations that will take your breath away and fill your camera with unforgettable scenes. During this trip, we will explore ancient towns rich in history, luxurious coastal resorts, and hidden beaches with turquoise waters.

Each destination offers unique landscapes and cultural treasures that will spark your imagination and inspire your creative spirit. You will feel the magic of places such as the Old Town of Budva, the island-hotel Sveti Stefan, and the mystical Kotor with its medieval walls. Photography is not just the skill of capturing light and shadows - it is the art of recording moments, telling stories through images, and creating memories that last forever. On this journey, you will not only see beautiful sights but also experience them, exploring hidden spots, meeting local people, and enjoying the delights of Montenegrin cuisine. Every photo you take will be a testament to an unforgettable journey.

Day 1: Budva - Sveti Stefan - Petrovac

Morning: Budva

Our first day begins in the heart of history and culture – the beautiful Budva. 2,500 years old history, the Old Town of Budva offers countless opportunities for perfect shots. This fascinating place, surrounded by Venetian-era walls, captivates every visitor with its cobblestone streets, ancient houses, and impressive shopping centers. Budva is a true gem for photographers, and its blend of historical and contemporary elements provides endless possibilities for creative shots.

Head next towards the Citadel, where you will find not only fascinating historical exhibits but also a spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding mountains. The Citadel is the perfect place for panoramic shots, especially in the morning when the light is softest. We recommend a walk to Mogren Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Budva, which is reached by a picturesque path through the rocks. Mogren Beach is divided into two parts and connected by a tunnel through the rock, providing additional opportunities for unique photos. At the end of your morning walk, don't miss the chance to visit Budva Marina, where luxury yachts and crystal-clear waters create the perfect backdrop for photos. From there, you can capture beautiful scenes of the horizon and reflections on the water, and after exploring Budva, pick up your rental car and take a short drive to the next destination.

Afternoon: Sveti Stefan

After capturing the magic of Budva, a short 15-minute drive takes you to the iconic Sveti Stefan. This luxurious island resort offers spectacular views worth every photograph. Sveti Stefan, once a fishing village dating back to the 15th century, is now one of the most prestigious tourist destinations on the Adriatic. With its stone houses, small churches, and narrow streets, Sveti Stefan is a place where history and luxury meet at every turn. Sveti Stefan is actually a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow sandy isthmus. This place is known for its beautiful beaches with reddish sand and crystal-clear waters. The main beach in front of the island offers excellent photo opportunities, whether from the shore or the water. Rent a boat or kayak and capture unique views of the island from the sea, giving your photos a new perspective. The best view of Sveti Stefan can be found from one of the nearby viewpoints.

Late afternoon, when the sun shines at the perfect angle, is ideal for capturing beautiful colors and details. After enjoying Sveti Stefan, you can head to the Praskvica Monastery, which is just a few minutes' drive away. This 11th-century monastery is set in a beautiful natural environment and offers a peaceful retreat with a rich history. The monastery is known for its frescoes and beautiful garden, making it perfect for photography. Enjoy a walk through the olive groves and vineyards surrounding the monastery, providing even more opportunities for stunning shots.

Continue your adventure to Miločer Beach, located near Sveti Stefan. Miločer Beach is surrounded by lush greenery and is a true natural treasure. The stunning beauty of this beach with its crystal-clear water and soft sand is ideal for landscape photography. Enjoy the afternoon at the beach, where you can capture beautiful sunset scenes.If you have time, we recommend visiting Queen's Beach, known for its exclusivity and beautiful surroundings. This beach, once a favorite retreat of Queen Marija Karađorđević, offers unforgettable views and a luxurious atmosphere.

Evening: Petrovac

For the end the day, drive to the charming Petrovac, just a 20-minute drive from Sveti Stefan. This peaceful coastal town is known for its picturesque promenade, beautiful beaches, and rich history. Petrovac provides the perfect setting for relaxation and photography in the evening, when the sun sets over the Adriatic Sea.

Upon arriving in Petrovac, start your tour with a walk along the coastal promenade, lined with palm trees and floral arrangements. This path offers beautiful views of the sea, with colorful houses and restaurants featuring traditional Montenegrin architecture in the background. The promenade also has numerous cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy local specialties and capture authentic moments of everyday life.

One of the most famous attractions in Petrovac is the Kastio Fortress, located at the end of the promenade. This 16th-century fortress offers spectacular views of the sea and the entire Petrovac Bay. Kastio is an ideal place for photography, whether you climb its walls or stay at its base, capturing the sunset from different angles.

After visiting the fortress, walk to Lučice Beach, which is just a few minutes' walk from the center of Petrovac. If you have time, we recommend a short drive to the Reževići Monastery, located a few kilometers south of Petrovac. This 13th-century monastery is set in a beautiful location with sea views and surrounded by lush gardens. The monastery is known for its frescoes and historical significance, making it perfect for shooting in a peaceful atmosphere.

At the end of the day, settle on one of the viewpoints above Petrovac, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire bay. As the sun slowly sets, capture the last rays of light and reflections on the water. These moments are perfect for long exposure, which will give your photos soft, romantic tones.Petrovac is truly a place that will inspire you and provide you with unforgettable scenes that you will want to capture and share with others. This day ends in the peace and beauty of this charming place, preparing you for the next adventures on the Adriatic coast.

Day 2: Kotor - Perast - Tivat

Morning: Kotor

Our second day begins in Kotor, a UNESCO-protected city known for its well-preserved medieval old town and fascinating walls. Kotor is about a 30-minute drive from Petrovac and a real treat for photographers.

Upon arrival in Kotor, begin exploring its Old Town. This medieval gem, surrounded by massive walls that stretch all the way to the Fortress of Saint John, captivates every visitor. Enjoy strolling through narrow, cobblestone streets where every building, square, and church has its own historical story. Don't miss the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, built in the 12th century, with its impressive facade and rich interior decoration. Climbing up to the Fortress of Saint John rewards you with spectacular panoramas of the Bay of Kotor. Rise early to avoid crowds and capture the soft morning light illuminating the entire bay. Though the climb is strenuous, every step is worth it for the view that awaits you at the top. The fortress offers a 360-degree view of Kotor, its walls, and the beautiful mountains surrounding the bay.

Within the Old Town, seek authentic scenes and hidden corners that tell a story. After exploring the fortress, head towards St. Luke's Square, where you'll find the Churches of St. Luke and St. Nicholas. These churches, with their rich frescoes and iconostases, offer wonderful opportunities for interior photography. Conclude your morning stroll with a visit to the Maritime Museum of Kotor, where you can learn more about the maritime history of this city and capture a few authentic shots of old ships and maritime artifacts.

Afternoon: Perast

After Kotor, our journey takes us to Perast, just a 20-minute drive away. This picturesque town is known for its baroque buildings and the beautiful islands of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George. Perast is a true paradise for photographers, with its elegant palaces, narrow streets, and stunning views of the Bay of Kotor.

One of the main attractions of Perast are two picturesque islands located near the coast - Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George. Rent a boat or take a local boat that will take you to these islands. Our Lady of the Rocks is an artificial island with a beautiful church dedicated to Our Lady of the Rocks. The church is known for its frescoes, icons, and collection of votive tablets that tell stories of sailors and their families. Boating around Perast and its islands provides unique perspectives.

After visiting the islands, return to Perast and take a walk to the Perast Town Museum, located in the Baroque Bujević Palace. St. George Island, opposite Our Lady of the Rocks, is a natural island with a Benedictine monastery offering insight into the city's rich maritime history and showcasing interesting exhibits that you can capture with your camera.

Then, relax at one of the local seaside restaurants where you can enjoy seafood specialties with a stunning bay view. Take a stroll along the coast and enjoy the atmosphere of this peaceful town. Perast is where history, culture, and natural beauty blend perfectly, providing unforgettable moments to capture. At the end of the afternoon, complete your visit to Perast with a walk along the coast and enjoy the beautiful sights as the day comes to a close. This town will enchant you with its beauty and authenticity.

Evening: Tivat

To end the day, head towards Tivat, approximately a 30-minute drive from Perast. Tivat is a modern city known for the luxurious Porto Montenegro marina, which has become a popular destination for the rich and famous.

Upon arrival in Tivat, take a stroll along Porto Montenegro marina, where you can see luxurious yachts and modern architecture. The marina is surrounded by elegant restaurants, boutiques, and cafes, where you can enjoy an evening with a beautiful view of the bay. The sunset in Tivat offers spectacular views. Position yourself on the piers or promenades around the marina to capture the golden hues of the setting sun reflecting on the water and yachts. Use the water reflections for dynamic and interesting photographs.

To end the evening, relax with a walk along the coast or visit one of the numerous bars and restaurants in Porto Montenegro. This modern city offers a perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty, and an authentic atmosphere, all of which you can fully explore thanks to renting a car.

Day 3: Herceg Novi - Risan - Blue Horizons

Morning: Herceg Novi

We begin in the beautiful town of Herceg Novi, known for its numerous staircases, lush botanical gardens, and the impressive Kanli Kula fortress. The drive to Herceg Novi takes about 45 minutes from Tivat, allowing us to enjoy picturesque landscapes of the Bay of Kotor along the way.

Herceg Novi is a city rich in history and culture, situated at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, known for its narrow streets, old buildings, and lush greenery. Our first stop is the Kanli Kula fortress, built in the 16th century by the Ottomans. This fortress, whose name means "Bloody Tower," offers spectacular views of the city, the bay, and the Adriatic Sea. In the early morning hours, the light is perfect for photographing the botanical gardens, old buildings, and enchanting views from the fortress. Herceg Novi is renowned for its rich vegetation and exotic plant species.

After visiting the fortress, we head to the Botanical Garden, a true paradise for nature lovers. This garden is home to many rare and exotic plant species brought here from all corners of the world. A stroll through the botanical garden provides a sense of peace and harmony, with colorful flowers and lush vegetation creating a perfect backdrop for photography. We continue our tour by vehicle through the Old Town, where we will stop at the Church of St. Archangel Michael, dominating the main square - St. Stephen's Square, better known as Belavista. This beautiful church is built in a blend of styles, with a magnificent iconostasis and frescoes that reflect the rich history and spirituality of this area.

Driving further takes us to Škver, a picturesque part of the city situated right along the coast. This promenade is the perfect place to relax, enjoy views of the sea, and watch the boats and yachts coming and going from the harbor. Here, you can enjoy a coffee at one of the numerous seaside cafes or try local specialties at one of the restaurants.

On the way back, we will certainly visit Savina, a part of the city known for its beautiful Savina Monastery. This monastery, nestled in lush greenery, is one of the most significant cultural and historical landmarks in this part of Montenegro. Its architecture and peaceful atmosphere leave visitors breathless. Herceg Novi, with its blend of history, nature, and culture, offers something for everyone. Driving through its streets, you'll have the opportunity to discover all the charms of this unique city and capture unforgettable moments through photographs and memories that will last forever.

Afternoon: Risan

We continue our journey towards Risan, a place just a 20-minute drive from Herceg Novi. This ancient Roman settlement offers a special insight into the rich history and culture of the region, renowned for its captivating Roman mosaics and tranquil bay. As you comfortably travel in our rental car, enjoy the landscapes surrounding you. Arriving in Risan takes us back in time to when the Romans walked these lands.

Our first stop is the Roman mosaics, true gems for history and art enthusiasts. These mosaics, located in former Roman villas, testify to the high level of culture and aesthetics of ancient Rome. The details and colors of these mosaics are exceptional. The Church of St. Peter and Paul, dating back to the 16th century, boasts modest yet beautiful architecture that fits perfectly into the city's historical ambiance. Inside the church, precious frescoes tell the story of the spiritual and cultural past of this region. Driving through the narrow streets of Risan offers a unique opportunity to feel the spirit of this ancient town. At every turn, we discover traces of times gone by, from stone houses to small squares filled with flowers.

For nature enthusiasts, there are opportunities for short walks through the surrounding forests and hills, offering additional opportunities for photography and enjoyment of natural beauty. Risan, with its wealth of historical and natural treasures, offers an unforgettable experience.

Evening: Blue Horizon aka "Plavi Horizonti"

Our adventure is coming to an end at one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro – Plavi Horizonti. This gorgeous beach, located about 30 minutes' drive from Risan, is a true oasis of peace and natural beauty. Thanks to the comfort and flexibility of our rental car, we arrive at this hidden gem, ready to enjoy these stunning views that will surely leave a mark and be etched in our memories and hearts.

Plavi Horizonti are known for their fine, golden sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. This natural paradise provides ideal conditions for relaxation and creating spectacular photographs. Before the magic of sunset begins, enjoy swimming and sunbathing. The sunset at Plavi Horizonti is truly spectacular, with colors shifting from golden to purple, creating a magical atmosphere. Plavi Horizonti is not just a beach. Nearby are numerous natural and historical treasures that make this area even more fascinating. You can take a short walk through the surrounding pine forests, which provide shade and tranquility, perfect for a rest. There is also an ancient olive grove, where centuries-old olive trees create a special ambiance and offer another opportunity for beautiful photographs.

For those wishing to explore further, a visit to the nearby village of Luštica Bay can be an exceptional experience. This modern settlement, nestled in the heart of nature, offers beautiful marinas, luxurious restaurants and cafes, as well as opportunities for various water sports. It's the perfect place for the final part of your adventure, where you can enjoy the evening overlooking the sea as the sun sets in the distance.

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Moreover, renting a car can often be more cost-effective compared to other forms of transportation, especially when traveling in a group or planning long drives. Additionally, renting a car allows you to enjoy a higher level of comfort and privacy, which is particularly important if you are traveling with family or friends. All in all, renting a vehicle is a practical and efficient way to explore all the wonders of Montenegro and beyond, providing you with complete control over your journey and an unforgettable experience that will remain in your memories for years to come.

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Parking in Budva can be quite challenging, especially during the peak tourist season. The old town area and popular beaches often experience high demand for parking spaces, leading to crowded lots and limited availability. Street parking is limited and often regulated with time restrictions and fees, so it's important to pay attention to signs to avoid fines. Private parking lots and garages are available, but they can be expensive. Additionally, the narrow streets and heavy traffic can make navigating to parking spots difficult. It's advisable to arrive early or consider parking in less crowded areas and walking to your destination to avoid stress and ensure a smooth experience.

Parking in Budva ranges from €0.70 to €2.00 per hour, with prices varying depending on the location and demand. In less frequented areas, you can expect to pay around €0.70 per hour, while more central or popular spots typically charge up to €2.00 per hour. However, there are exceptions, such as the bus station and other high-traffic locations, where parking fees can go up to €5.00 per hour. It's important to check for signs indicating the specific rates for each area, as prices can differ significantly within the town.


Parking in Tivat is generally more manageable compared to some other Montenegrin coastal towns, but it still requires some planning, especially during the tourist season. The town has several public parking lots, including those near the marina and popular spots like Porto Montenegro. However, these areas can fill up quickly during peak times. It's important to look out for parking signs indicating time limits and fees, as well as designated areas to avoid fines. Private parking options are available and might offer more security but at a higher cost. Checking the availability of parking in advance, particularly if you plan to visit popular attractions or dine in the bustling marina area, can save you time and hassle.

Parking prices in Tivat are divided into two zones: the Yellow Zone and the Red Zone. In the Yellow Zone, the cost is €0.50 per hour, with the option to purchase a daily ticket for €5.00. This zone is generally more affordable and might be located a bit farther from the most central or popular areas. On the other hand, the Red Zone has a higher cost of €0.80 per hour, with a daily ticket available for €8.00. This zone typically includes more central or high-demand parking spots, closer to key attractions and amenities. Payments for both zones can be made via SMS to the specified numbers, ensuring a convenient way to manage your parking fees.


Parking in Kotor, particularly near the Old Town, can be challenging due to the town's popularity among tourists and its limited space. The main public parking areas include the municipal parking lot near the main gate of the Old Town and parking near the Luža area, both of which can become very crowded, especially during peak season. It's important to be aware of the hourly parking fees and to have cash or a payment app ready, as some lots may not accept cards. Additionally, there are parking options a bit further out in Dobrota, which might be less crowded but require a longer walk to the Old Town. Checking for private parking options offered by local residents or accommodations can provide a more convenient and secure spot. Always verify the current parking regulations, fees, and availability to avoid fines and ensure a smoother visit.

Parking near the Old Town:

Public parking near the Old Town (Municipal parking): This parking is located directly in front of the main entrance to the Old Town. The price is usually charged per hour.

Parking near Luža: Also close to the Old Town, but often full during the season.

Parking in Dobrota:

There are several parking lots along the coast in Dobrota, which are a bit further away from the Old Town but may be less crowded.

Parking at shopping centers:

Kamelija Shopping Center: This is a shopping center that has its own parking. It is located near the Old Town and can be a convenient option.

Private parking

Many residents and apartment owners offer private parking for tourists. This can be convenient if you have arranged accommodation in Kotor.

Parking at the bus station:

Parking at the bus station in Kotor is another option that is relatively close to the center.

In Kotor, parking rates typically range from €0.80 to €1.20 per hour. However, finding available parking spaces can be challenging due to limited availability, especially during busy periods such as peak tourist seasons. It's advisable for visitors to plan ahead or consider alternative transportation options when visiting this historic coastal town to avoid potential parking difficulties.

We recommend, if possible, parking outside the immediate city center and walking to the Old Town to avoid crowds and potentially high parking fees. Also, always check the current prices and availability of parking, as they may vary seasonally.


Parking in Herceg Novi can be quite challenging due to its hilly terrain and narrow streets, especially during the tourist season. The town offers several public parking areas, such as the large parking lot near the Kanli Kula fortress and another close to the main bus station. These lots can fill up quickly, so arriving early is advisable. Additionally, street parking is available, but it often requires navigating steep and winding roads. It’s important to check the parking fees, which are usually paid hourly, and ensure you have the appropriate payment method, as some areas may not accept credit cards. Be aware of the local parking regulations to avoid fines, and consider private parking options offered by hotels or guesthouses for more convenience and security. Always verify current parking conditions and regulations, as they can change, especially in peak tourist months.

In Herceg Novi, parking prices vary based on the location and the type of parking. For standard parking areas, the cost is typically €1 per hour. In some zones, like the red zone, the price can go up to €1.20 per hour, with daily tickets costing €10. For residents, monthly parking permits range from €20 to €50 depending on the zone, while non-residents can expect to pay around €1 to €4 for a day pass. Special parking permits for all zones are available for €150 per month. Additionally, there are significant seasonal discounts for certain parking tickets issued between June 1st and October 1st

Overal prices of parking in Montenego

In Budva, parking rates range from €1.00 to €2.40 per hour, with many areas offering free parking zones. In coastal towns like Pržno, Bečići, Rafailovići, Petrovac, and Sveti Stefan, parking is primarily free, but spaces can be scarce during the summer months. Bar provides parking at rates between €0.50 and €1.00 per hour, along with numerous free car parks. Šušanj offers varied rates with few available lots; visitors are encouraged to select accommodations offering parking facilities. Tivat features parking prices from €0.50 to €2.00 per hour, while Tivat Airport charges €0.80 per hour for short stops only, without free parking options. Kotor offers parking at €0.80 to €1.20 per hour, albeit with limited availability. Herceg Novi suggests consulting hotels for parking due to its hillside town layout, with rates ranging from €0.50 to €1.00 per hour. Podgorica provides parking at rates between €0.40 and €0.80 per hour, while Podgorica Airport charges €0.60 per hour. On-street parking in Montenegrin towns is categorized into Green (€0.40), Yellow (€0.50), and Red (€0.60) zones, with free parking available on the town outskirts and in designated bays. Travelers should consider these varied rates and availability when planning their visits to ensure convenient and affordable parking options throughout Montenegro.