Rent a car Budva


Rent a car Budva

Rent a car in Budva and start exploring the tourist capital of Montenegro. The whole area is considered one of the most beautiful on the Montenegrin coast. When you rent a car, it allows you to visit this whole area quickly and easily.

Managing a car hired in Budva is easier if you know the details

Managing a car hired in Budva is easier if you know the details. There are 4 petrol stations in the city and around. Two are located on Jadranski put, while one is in Slovenska obala bb. The last one is located in Jaz - on the way to Kotor. A gas station in this area can also be found in Petrovac. Jugopetrol's pump on the Adriatic road works non-stop.

The main road E80 passes through Budva, which leads from the direction of Bar, or Podgorica, to Kotor. From the first roundabout, you can also travel along 29 November Street, which joins the E80 road at the exit from the city.

Along with the entire city, there is a beach that is partially leased. At the very end of the promenade is the old town, and the entrance is free of charge. The old town is one of the oldest on the Adriatic and is believed to have been built 2500 years ago. Near the old town, there are two parking lots that are charged. Not far from the old town there are several commercial banks where you can exchange money or carry out the desired transaction. In this part of the city, there is a post office.

Rent a car in Budva - how does it work?

Rent a car in Budva works mainly according to the following rules. Reservations are made in advance, via the website or phone. The automobile is brought to the address specified by the client. The vehicle is usually rented at the main bus station. The tourist leaves a deposit that has been agreed in advance. Some agencies take a deposit of up to 500 euros. In our agency a deposit is not required. It is mandatory to pick up the car in Podgorica or the Podgorica airport. It is necessary to inspect the vehicle well or take a few photos, for the tourist to determine the true condition of the automobile. This is important because when the automobile is returned some earlier damage can be attributed to the last user. We recommend that the User of the vehicle check the fuel level and compare it with the data entered in the contract. All agencies offer unlimited mileage, travel insurance, extra driver, child seat, and free cancellation. Agencies also offer free winter tires, as well as tire chains, because, in the period from November 15 to April 1, all vehicles in Montenegro must have winter tires.

If you rent a car in Budva, where to park?

When you rent a car in Budva, it is safest to park it in one of the 9 parking lots or garages in the Plaza shopping center. Parking lots are located in various locations, near the Post Office, near the sports center, Jat, Zeta Film, the Red Cross, high school, hotels on the Slovenian coast. Prices range from 0.50 cents to 0.80 cents per hour. It is possible to leave the car during the night for 0.7 cents per hour. In the garage, in TQ Plaza the price per hour is 0.80, while the price for night parking is 1 euro and the capacity is 121 parking spaces. During the tourist season, parking is a big problem, so you need to go on the road earlier to easily find a parking space or realize the road plan.

If you rent a car in Budva, which car to choose?

If you rent a car in Budva, we suggest you consider the following facts. During the tourist season, there are big crowds, traffic jams, and there is a serious lack of parking. For easier movement around the city, we recommend an economical and smaller vehicle. In our fleet, we own a Hyundai i20 AT, a Chevrolet Spark, or a Renault Clio that is great for local roads. By renting these cars, it will be easier for you to move around town, where the roads are often quite narrow. You can see all the vehicles on the website and on the same website you can make a reservation and all other preparations for your vacation in Montenegro.

How to a car rental in Budva and save money?

The best way to save on travel is to car rental in Budva. That will allow you to discover the capital and its surroundings at the lowest cost.

In our agency, it is mandatory to pick up the car in Podgorica or the Podgorica airport. Also, you can send a message or a call to our agency's phone 24 hours a day if you need any assistance. Respecta car agency has a special loyalty program, so it provides significant discounts to its regular customers. At the same time, if new customers say they are on a recommendation they can also get a discount. This type of transportation is more cost-effective than any other, especially if you come with friends or family. The sum of individual tickets you would pay for another type of transportation is certainly significantly higher than the price of the rented automobile.

Rent a car in Budva safely and during COVID-19

You can rent your car safely and flexibly in Budva and during COVID-19. In April, the Respecta Car agency introduced a disinfection protocol for clients, employees, and vehicles. The protocol is updated every month by Government orders, client needs, and the epidemiological situation. The entire fleet is cleaned and disinfected before and after each issue, and the steering wheel and gearbox are additionally treated with disinfectants. Our offices are also thoroughly cleaned before and after each client. Finally, each client received a disinfectant spray as a gift for a safe trip.

Rent a car to find suitable accommodation in Budva

If you have rented a car it remains to find suitable accommodation in Budva. The city has some of best hotels in Montenegro, and diverse offer of rooms, apartments, and hotel accommodations. The offer is distributed in all parts of the city, and the prices depend on whether the facility is far from the coast, and the accompanying facilities. On the coast near the old town is the hotel Avala, then Tri Canne, Bracera, Slovenian coast. It is often not possible to leave the car near the beach, so it is convenient to walk from the hotel to the beach. Another group of hotels that are known for comfort and luxury is located in Becici. There are Splendid, Iberostar, Montenegro, Falkensteiner. In addition to these hotels, there are a large number of smaller hotels and private apartments that create a structure of competition in this market.

Rent a car in Budva and visit the best restaurants

Rent a car in Budva to visit the best restaurants in town and surroundings. This town is widely known for its good restaurants where quality food is served. In this area, a special coastal cuisine was formed that combines Mediterranean and continental style. Every June, the Srdelada event is held, which, in addition to fish and other traditional dishes, promotes Montenegrin cultural heritage. The best restaurants you should visit are Jadran, Obala, Kuzina, Zeleni gaj, Forsage. There are many other places where you can freshen up. You can view all stores online.

Nightlife in Budva

During the tourist season, nightlife in Budva is very intensive. The world's most famous music stars and DJs are guests in this city. Discos Top Hill, Stefan Brown, and Sparta are especially popular. Top Hill Disco is located on a hill above the city and is considered one of the best on the Adriatic coast. Then the club Hacienda, Emporio, Maltez, Ambiente were visited. Especially attractive for young people are the daily parties that take place during the day on the beach Ploce, which is 6 km away from the city towards Tivat.

Nightlife in Budva

Another attractive location is the Samsara beach in Becici, where famous DJs are guests throughout the day. In addition to these clubs, numerous festivals are held in the city and surrounding areas. Thus, in Petrovac, the Petrovac Night-Fest of Fish and Wine is held in August. During the festival, concerts and a rich cultural and artistic program were organized. Then, there is a beer fest for beer lovers and a relaxed atmosphere. For art lovers, there are numerous facilities available within the City Theater Festival The City Theater was founded in 1987 and is visited every year by over 15,000 people from across the region. Finally, it is important to mention that in Buljarica, which is only a few km from the city, the Sea Dance Festival is held every year. In 2014, this festival received the prestigious European award as the best European festival in its category. It featured today's biggest stars such as The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai, Rudimental, and others.

The best excursions with rent a car in Budva

Rent a car in Montenegro and visit the most beautiful places in Budva and its surroundings. In the first place is the widely known Sveti Stefan. This city hotel is a place where the most famous world personalities come. It often hosts weddings or prestigious ceremonies. The hotel can be visited if a ticket is paid for. Otherwise, it is available only to hotel guests and is recognized for its high level of privacy and quality of service. The beach in front of the hotel is partly free for other visitors. In the immediate vicinity is Milocer Park, which is one of the most beautiful places on the Montenegrin coast. After St. Stephen, we suggest you visit Petrovac. This small coastal town has two beautiful beaches and clear seawater. In Petrovac, at the end of the promenade, there is a fortress with an excellent view of the whole place. If you go from the city in the other direction towards Kotor, you will find Jaz. This long beach in the hinterland has a car camp. It is famous for its extremely clean water because there are no large hotels in this area.

Only 43 km from the city, there is the Skadar Lake National Park. In Virpazar, turn through the town and continue towards the Crmnica area. Several well-known farms offer Montenegrin specialties. Try the far-famed smoked carp and bleak that lives only in Skadar Lake. Finally, be sure to drink quality Crmnica wine.

In the vicinity are some of the most beautiful beaches on the Montenegrin coast. The price of deck chairs and parasols is 10-15 euros, while for canopies you need to pay 30 euros. Plaza Kamenovo is located between Becici and Przno and the main road passes right next to it. The fine sand is also a sandy beach near the town. Then we should mention the beach Przno, Rezevici, Perazica do, Buljarice, Lucice.

Visit island St. Nicola

Visit the island of St. Nicola or popularly Hawaii. Boats drive to the island, charging around 3 euros for a return ticket. On the island itself, there are beaches, you have deck chairs and parasols, as well as a cafe where you can refresh yourself. The island is covered by a forest, which is fenced. This means you can't go to the other side of the island. Yet this place is nice for all those who don’t like crowds. It should be noted that the prices in the cafe are slightly higher than in town.

Top Things To See In Budva

The most important location is the old town which has content for every visitor. In the city, there is the church of St. Mary, St. John, and the Citadel. But here you can also visit the Museum of the City of Budva, the Maritime Museum or a modern gallery. You will see the ballerina on the rock if you walk to the town beach Mogren. After the walk, be sure to try some fish specialty in one of the restaurants in the old town-Tavern old town or promenade by the sea- the restaurant Jadran. Evenings are always organized so you can choose to spend time in one of the nightclubs or discos. Top Hill is considered one of the best nightclubs on the Adriatic, so you can choose your favorite singer and enjoy the fun.