Rent a car in Montenegro 2022: what do you need to know?2


Everything you need to know about rent a car services in Montenegro, you will find in this text. Rent a car because it is certainly the best way to visit Montenegro. In this way you will reach the most beautiful lookouts, distant and untouched gems of nature, small beaches, hidden canyons … With a car you can make your itinerary, and in one week visit most of the attractions of this beautiful country.

Should I rent a car in Montenegro?

Should you rent a car in Montenegro, decide for yourself after reading the following text. This country is small, but still the journey from south to north can take if you do not have a vehicle. If you want a vacation in an ethnic village in the Durmitor National Park during the hot summer days, you definitely need a automobile for that. If you are looking for accommodation in the Bay of Kotor, and you want to swim in Lustica, you also require a auto. Finally, if you want to visit one of the 5 national parks, you will not be able to do it without a mashine. Clearly, the answer to whether to rent a car is certainly a must!

Is it safe to car rental in Montenegro?

It is safe to car rental in Montenegro. Automobile theft and burglary are few. Still, the golden rule is to never keep valuables in the auto. Another important tip is that if you are able, always park your auto in a secured parking lot. If he is not there, make sure the automobile are close, and you can see them quickly.

Car hire in Montenegro

Border countries

It is very essential that you know the following. If you leave Montenegro by automobile to visit a neighboring country, other principles apply. In Albania, Kosovo, vehicle thefts are very common, while in Bosnia and Serbia it is somewhat less. Croatia is the safest in this regard. If you want to visit these countries, you have to accept the risk of vehicle theft. To be on the safe side, try using a 24-hour security motor park. Or if you’re in a restaurant, park in front, so you can see your auto.

When you don't need to rent a car

There are several situations when you do not need to rent a car. If you are staying in one city and want to spend most of your time in it, you do not need a vehicle. Also, if you have found accommodation next to a beautiful beach, and you just want to swim and relax, you do not need a auto. In case there is a place you can visit in one day, rent a automobile only for a day trip.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Montenegro?

How much it costs to rent a car in Montenegro, mainly depends on the period when you rent a machine. However, the differences in price are large, if you follow the following tips. The prices of vehicles during July and August are very high. Small and medium-sized automobils cost from 40 to 70 euros per day. But if you make a reservation 6 months in advance, with most agencies you can get a price that is lower - from 30 to 50 euros per day. If you decide to visit Montenegro out of season, the prices are drastically lower. In the winter months and early spring, the daily rent is around 20 euros.

Additional expenses

Most agencies charge extra for some services, such as child seats, GPS, extra driver and the like. Prices are as follows:

  • Go pro camera 7 euros per day
  • GPS 15 euros one time
  • Child seat 10 euros one time
  • Crossing the border of 20 euros - one-time
  • Delivery outside the company's headquarters 25 euros - one-time
  • Automatic-5-15 euros per day


There are local companies that often offer their service at no extra cost. Based on the recommendations given by previous users, you can do an internet search.

How to find the best price

Check local companies to find the best price. Their prices are almost always more favorable compared to brokers and large companies. You can also negotiate the terms, because you often get a discount. Also, you can save if you are looking for a manual motor, which are very high quality and sometimes better than automatic. Another way we have already mentioned is early booking.

Which auto to choose

Which auto to choose will depend on your travel plan. Serious companies will provide exactly the vehicle you are looking for. Ask if the contract says the bass automobile you have decided or so on. In that case, the auto may be of the same class, but do not agree to a worse choice. Usually a smaller or a middle class machine is enough for you. Local roads lead to the most beautiful places in Montenegro. It is best for them to drive smaller vehicles.

Manual or automatic

Automatic cars are more in demand, and as a rule they are newer production. However, our recommendation is to look for a auto manual for several reasons. These automobils are often available at a lower price, and in good condition. So you won’t go wrong if you make this choice.

Car rental in Montenegro

Pick up the car

The advice is the following: take photos when picking up the car. Go around the automobile on each side, look from below, as well as the tires. Check the petrol level, mileage and also take pictures of both. Ask if the motor needs to be washed outside and inside before returning. Ask the agent to show you accessories - spare tire, first aid, vest, as well as complete documents. If it is winter, it is necessary for the auto to have winter tires and tire chains in the trunk.

Returning the car

When returning the car, make sure that you return as much petrol as you took when you picked it up. Professional and correct companies usually hand over a automobile with a full tank of gasoline, so it is easier for the client to monitor consumption and return to the same level. Agents who have no bad intentions will warn you to check the vehicle, and show you the complete equipment. Inflate the tires if the pressure warning light comes on in the meantime. Some agencies will also attribute this shortcoming to the client and charge extra.

Delivery outside the company's headquarters

Some companies do not charge for the delivery of vehicles. Some companies use this opportunity to calculate the additional cost. When arranging a rental, ask for details in case the machine is returned outside the rental company's headquarters. It is also necessary to check the working hours and whether collection or return is charged, which is carried out outside working hours. The cost of delivery outside the headquarters or outside working hours is usually from 20 to 30 euros.

Paying for the rent

Payment of rent is in cash or by credit card. Most companies take a deposit in advance. Some ask you for cash, and some block the deposit on the card. When the machine returns, the road is an unpleasant situation, because the agencies relentlessly charge part or all of the deposit. Clients are not aware of the damage done, because sometimes it is not there. The amount of the deposit ranges from 100 to several thousand euros. If you take full insurance, the deposit is lower. Try searching through comments to find local companies that have more positive ratings.

Full insurance yes or no?

Full insurance is always a good choice. It will protect you to the greatest extent from possible additional costs and unpleasant situations. If you choose full insurance as part of the rental, you will not pay if someone else hits the auto, or you scratch it yourself. Also, in case you tear the tire, you don’t have to pay anything.

Before arranging full insurance, you need to check if your credit card has vehicle rental insurance. In that case, you do not need full insurance.

Parking fines and traffic incidents

You are obliged to pay all parking and traffic accident fines immediately. You are the driver and responsible for driving the automobile. If you do not report or pay the fine, the fines will subsequently arrive at your address, plus interest and processing costs. Also, it may happen that the agency blocks your deposit for the amount registered as a penalty.

Is it possible to organize a one-way rental in Montenegro?

It is possible to organize a one-way rental in Montenegro, even if you cross the border. However, you need to check because some agencies did not work on this type of arrangement. This type of rental is more expensive because of leaving the vehicle in another location.

In case of an accident, what to do?

In the case of an accident, you need to call the police immediately to make an investigation and record. The automobile does not need to be moved. Take a few photos and immediately inform the rental agency. It doesn’t matter if the damage is minor, or if it happened in the parking lot. It is important to inform the agency and the police immediately in order to provide the necessary documentation for compensation. The number of police is 122, and roadside assistance is 19807.