The most beautiful beaches in Montenegro - Bar


Red beach

It is located halfway between the Bar and Sutomore. From the main road it is coming down the path and it can not be brought by car. It is about 60 meters from the main road. She got her name on a reddish gravel that covers her. It has its own equipment, and there are lokals wit food and drink. This beach is small and ideals for lovers and peaceful vacation.

Beach cosolation

The beach of consolation is located 14 km from Bar towards Ulcinj. The length this pebble beach is about 800 meters and it has its own equipment. The beach can be reach by car. There is a complex restourants and cafes that offer refreshment. Along the beach is a garden with large olive groves. The vater is very clean, and the shore is flat, so the place is good for families with children.

Pearl coast - Canj

The Pearl coast was named after pure and clear water. The lenght of the beach is about 1900 meters and it can be reached by car. It is located in can-small place, which is 14 km from Bar to Budva in Montenegro. Part of the beach is free to use for all visitors. Part of the beach is leased and has its own equipment. Beyond the beach, there are a many restaurants and cafe with a large offer food and drink. There is a bus line from Bar, every 30 minuts. Also, you can renta car in Respecta car agency.