The most beautiful beaches in Montenegro-Ulcinj


Montenegro has 117 beaches, of which a great number of exceptional beauty. Especially the beach is in the vicinity of Ulcinj. There are a total of 25 beaches in this area, from which the Great Beach, Adu Bojana and Valdanos should be separated. The easiest way to visit these beaches is to rent a car in the agency Respecta car.

The nature of the Ulcinj coast is special: small sands, warm sea that are clean blue colors, reeds, wooden houses and restaurants that are connected along the banks of the river Bojana.

The Big Beach

The Big Beach is 13 kilometres long and 60 meters wide. There are a large number of decorated parts of the coast, but also those that are free to swim. It is recognized for its small sand and accessible coast, and it is best at sunset. The wind and many sunny days of the year are the perfect combinations for kite-surfing. That's why Ulcinj Big beach is at the very top of the destination for lovers of this sport. During the season from May to October, numerous kitesurfers from all over the world visit the landslide. The beach is reached by the regional route and only 5 kilometres from Ulcinj. The entrance is free, while the use of a mobile phone is charged at certain locations.

Ada Bojana

Ada Bojana is considered the most beautiful beach in Montenegro. It is a sandy island in the middle of the river Bojana known for peace, privacy and nudist beach. A few years ago she received the prestigious recognition of the Wild Beauty Award awarded by the national tourist organization of Montenegro.


Beach Valdanos is declared a natural monument. This beach is surrounded by 18,000 olive trees, many of which are older than 2000 years old. It is easily accessible from the local road from Ulcinj. The Plaza is 376 meters long and the entrance is free. It is characterized by untouched nature and surroundings, and crystal clear water. There are 11 natural sources of drinking water in the area, the mendra peninsula and the lighthouse from which there is an excellent view of the whole area.

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