Amazing Saint Stefan


Saint Stefan is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic region. It has a prestigious hotel that has served in the history of many famous faces of the world dzet set. As early as 1964, Leif's New York magazine included Saint Stefan among the ten most exclusive hotels in the world.

The confirmation of the high quality of service is also the international tourist award Golden Apple, which was given to it in 1972.

During this business, many well-known figures such as Sofia Loren, Sidney Poatye, Sylvester Stallone, Dzeremi Ayrsons, Alberto Moravia, English princess Margaret, Italian king Umberto II, Maknamar, Rokfeler and others stayed in this fashionable place. In recent years guests were Naomi Kempbel, Ronaldinho, Novak Djokovic, Den Bilzerian, David Beckham and other famous people. In 1992 a match between chess player Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky was played at Saint Stephen.

The city is threatened by a rampage that was built in 1442 as a shelter for families from nearby pastoral villages. This small fishing village was a refuge to the local population from the Turkish conquerors but also to the pirate crews that often harbored this sea. According to the legend, pastoral heroes defeated the Turkish galleys in the 15th century, and then 12 special stone houses were built on the island, for each pastoral tribe one by one. Tribal disputes were settled in front of the main entrance, and the entrance to the city hotel has long been called a place of justice in history.

On the island there are three churches. On the highest position is the church of Saint Stefan, by which the island was named. The second is Alexander Nevsky and the third is the least dedicated to Transformation and is located at the very entrance to the city.

The hotel was completely conserved and all the facilities were renovated in a way that preserved the original medieval look. Interesting city pubs are especially interesting where fishermen once offered local products. The villa 118, which during the history was a place of rest for a large number of actors and statesmen, was very much visited from the buildings. One of the villas located on front side island, Villa Montenegro was avarded in 2006 the prestigious award Five Stars Diamond awarded by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences for top quality services.

How to get to Saint Stefan

This unique representative of the Montenegrin tourist offer is located 6 kilometers northeast of Budva. The distance from the Tivat airport is 29.9 km and about 40 minutes drive, while the airport Podgorica can be reached after 56 kilometers or 1 h of driving. You can rent a car in agency Respecta, and visit this unique place. If you decide on an island's independent tour, there is a road sign from the main road, and there is a parking lot in front of the island. Tour of the city-hotel is possible every day in two terms, 11h and 14h. The ticket price is 20 euros and the entrance is not charged to children under 12 years of age. The tour includes a welcome drink and lasts about 45 minutes. The ticket price for October tour is 10 euro.

The most beautiful beaches for hotel guests and other visitors

The area in the hinterland of Saint Stefan is famous for the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, and the leading Milocer park, which covers 118 hectares, was once the summer residence of the royal family Karadjordjevic. Plaza Sveti Stefan which is located directly in front of the city hotel. The right part of the beach is intended exclusively for hotel guests. The left part of the beach is open to visitors. The prices of furniture are a bit higher, and they range over 20 euros per set because this beach is considered exclusive.

Beach Przno

Pržno is a small fishing village near Saint Stefan, which is today a popular tourist destination. Pržno beach stretches from Cape Kamenovo to Cape Miločer and is about 260 m long. It is surrounded by olive and barley trees and is very clean. In the hinterland of the beach, there are several restaurants that offer excellent fish specialities.