Ostrog Monastery-the most visited monastery in Europe


About Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is the largest Orthodox sanctuary and most visited sanctuaries in the region. Annually it is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. In addition to other cultural and historical sights in Montenegro, this is a favorite tourist destination. It was founded by St. Basil in the 17th century, and since then, his rich history of the religious and spiritual center of the Orthodox faith has begun. The diverse and rich treasury of this monastery preserves some of the greatest healing secrets of a recent history of Christianity. For this, the miraculous bridges of Saint Vasili Ostroski are particularly deserving of this. The lecture speaks of the healing powers of the earthly remains of St. Basil.

The Ostrog monastery is recognizable and unique in the world and in its position, or mode of construction. It is located on a stone shaft in which the emigrant's life was led by many monks who served the god here. It consists of the upper and lower monasteries.

The Upper Monastery is located at 900 meters above sea level and there are in the church dedicated to the Presence of the Holy Virgin, located in the bridges of St. Basil. This monastery was erected in 1667.

The lower monastery is located at an altitude of 800 meters, and there are baptisms and other religious rites.

Practical info

The entrance to the complex of the monastery is not charged, and the cars can be left on a large parking, 300 m away from the monastery. In the Upper Monastery there is a souvenir shop and other items that are authentic. To bow to Saint Basil's bridges, it is necessary to jump in order, because there are almost always believers who are waiting. In the early morning hours there are fewer visitors, so it is possible to enter the church after 5 minutes. When I go to church holidays, the order is waiting for a few hours. Opening time is May to September 06:00-17:00 hours, October to April 05:00-16:00 hours.

You can not go to the monastery with bare hands and legs. This means that men need to have long trousers and indoor shoes. Likewise, women. In the framework of the monastery there is a conch, in which after the registration you can transfer or attend a service.

If you want to stay at the monastery overnight, in Lower Monastery you need to pay 4 euros for bed in a shared room.

Getting from Podgorica to Ostrog Monastery

The Ostrog monastery is far about 50 km from Podgorica when traveling to Niksic. If you comfortable with renting a car, then driving from Podgorica to monastery about 1 hour. We would suggest you to use Respecta rent a car, and choose a car adapted Montenegrin roads like Hyundai i20. You can use public transportation or taxi too. But, if you use train or bus, keep in mind that you have to walk for about 1 hour. This is because tne monastery is about 14 km away from the main road. From Podgorica, the monastery can be reached in another direction. Drive through Spuz and Danilovgrad. The road is very picturesque and clear. Certainly whichever way you choose, you should not miss a visit to this uniqe place.