National park Skadar Lake


Skadar Lake is the largest lake in Montenegro and the Balkan Peninsula. The rich flora and fauna and untouched nature are what this lake is recognized and protected by the state. This is the largest cryptodepression in Europe, which means that parts of its bottom are below the sea level. The lake has been declared a national park in 1983, and since 1995 it is located on the Ramsar list - the world's wetland list of international importance as a bird habitat. It is home to 264 bird species and 48 species of fish, of which 15 are endemic. There are over 80 sacral objects on the lake, where the oldest date dates back to the 14th century, and are settled and permanently open to visitors. Only the lake has more beaches where tourists can swim and rest in the hinterland of thick chestnut forests.

Places that stand out with their beauty and recommend to visit Rijeka Crnojevica, Vranjina, Karuc, Murici and Virpazar. Then there are Beska, Starcevo, Moracnik and Zabljak Crnojevica monasteries.

Skadar Lake is a great choice for all kinds of active holidays. In the first place, it is definitely a cruise around the lake that allows you to see this extraordinary region. If you prefer, you can choose a kayak, or ride a bicycle, sail, enjoy the Crmnick wine and local specialties prepared by the hosts by special recipes. There are 7 marked cycling and 9 sand trails. If you want to stay here for a few days, you can stay in a private accommodation.

The ticket price for this national park is 4 euros and children do not pay 7 years of age. It is possible to buy a ticket in a toll house near the hotel Vir in Virpazar on the shore of Skadar Lake. Cruising with a lake with a charged lunch costs about 25 €. Bicycle rental is 10 € per day or 5 € for 2 hours. Kayaking is 5 € per hour or 20 € per day.

Bird watching

Bird watching is organised by national park Skadar lake with a mandatory announcement one day earlier. Visitors centar Vranjina telephone:00382 20 87 91 03

Birdwatching sites are located on the following location:

Stanaj, Zabljacke livade, Plavnica and Radus.

There is a footpath below the highway near Virpazar. This track is important because on the opposite side of Virpazar there is car parking. Visitors can safely cross the highway and the railway.

The National Park is 42 km from Budva, towards Podgorica, and 67 km from Tivat Airport. It is about 30 km or about 30 minutes drive from the capital of Montenegro-Podgorica. You can reach him by bus from Budva or Podgorica and the price of the ticket is about 5 €. You can also choose a car in rent a car agency Respecta car.The price of a taxi is about 30 € while the rental of a vehicle for a day ranges about 30 €.

Fortress Besac-near Virpazar

Beside Virpazar is the fortress besac. It was built by the Turks in 1478 because of its strategic importance. Today it is a lookout and is visited by numerous tourists. The ticket is 1 euro for adult and 50 cents for children. The fort is open to visitors from 10 am to 6 pm. The fortress is reached from Virpazar when the bridge crosses and the upper road. The road to the fort goes through a thick pine forest and the photos from the top are amazing.