Rent a car in Montenegro during coronavirus (covid-19)


Rent a car in Montenegro during coronavirus (covid-19)

Is rent a car in Montenegro safe during coronavirus (covid-19)? Although it is present from coronavirus, our company, as well as the car rental company, strives to be at the service of its clients. So we will try to provide you with some necessary information in this text about renting a car during the coronavirus epidemic. Our desire and focus are to make clean cars available to you during this period. We strictly follow all the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the National Coordination Team, the Institute of Public Health, and the Government.

During your entire stay in Montenegro, you can contact us for support and assistance. You can pick up your car at numerous locations, of which we highlight the following: Podgorica AirportTivat Airport, Budva, Kotor.

Based on the opinion of top epidemiologists, we will explain how to determine if your rented car is clean and safe, and how to take additional precautions when renting a car.

How can I be sure that my car is clean and safe?

How to make sure the car is safe? COVID-19 is most commonly transmitted by the respiratory tract, ie from person to person. It is very unlikely to be transferred from a contaminated surface, especially if you have a mask. This means that even if the car is not thoroughly cleaned and there is a contaminated surface if you wear a mask and follow basic hygiene measures you cannot be infected. Before renting a car, check the company's policy regarding covid 19. Respecta car agency has a special disinfection protocol that applies to each car individually. The cars are thoroughly cleaned after each use and disinfected with special alcohol-based agents. This rigorous protocol is in line with world standards and guidelines by health institutions. In addition to deep washing and vacuuming, our agency especially repairs key areas inside the car. The steering wheel, keys, instrument panel, seats, door interior and pockets, interior and exterior door handles are disinfected. In our agency, the situation is continuously monitored and each car is inspected in detail upon return. If it is suspected to be contaminated, it is immediately excluded from further traffic for a certain period of time.

The picture below shows all the points that are thoroughly cleaned in each of our cars before the issue.

Cleaning points Covid 19 Montengro

What are the additional actions that will protect you from covid 19 while renting a car?

  • Mandatory physical distance and wearing a mask while picking up the vehicle.
  • Bring a disinfectant with you. When you pick up the vehicle, disinfect all surfaces you use. Spray and seat. This will take some time but you will be sure, and more importantly, you will provide yourself with peace of mind.
  • Keep windows open while driving. In this way, you will allow the air to circulate and reduce the number of infectious particles in the car.
  • Wear the mask while driving for at least the first 24 hours.
  • If you are especially careful, you can also wear gloves while driving.
  • And finally, by the general recommendations, disinfect your hands often and do not touch your face.

What precautionary measures are taken by car rental agencies in Montenegro during coronavirus?

Most companies have stepped up hygiene measures and car maintenance. The measure of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro also points them to that. According to their instructions, car rental agencies must ensure a high level of hygiene in all cars rented. Car rental staff must also disinfect their hands and wear masks. Personal documents can be checked without physical contact. Although this has already become a practice in some countries, in Montenegro car rental agencies do not require a health certificate or temperature measures when signing a contract.

What measures is the Government of Montenegro applying to combat the epidemic?

Wearing protective masks is mandatory in all indoor spaces, but also outdoors. A physical distance of 2 meters is also required. Wearing protective masks is not mandatory on beaches and in national parks, provided that the physical distance of 2 meters is respected. All public gatherings and any gatherings are prohibited. Traveling in domestic traffic is possible only with preventive measures, which means wearing masks, disinfecting hands at entry and exit, and without the possibility of standing. At the same time, the Institute of Public Health gave several measures and recommendations. Special recommendations are given for vehicle disinfection. Vehicle disinfection measures are in line with the recommendations given by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The active substance for disinfection is 70% ethanol. Our agency strictly adheres to all measures adopted by the Institute of Public Health, the National Coordination Board, and the Government of Montenegro.

car disinfection covid 19 Montenegro

Change or cancellation of a reservation during a coronavirus disease

Respecta car does not charge penalties for cancellation. We are especially flexible during a coronavirus disease. You can cancel your reservation at any time, without any consequences. Also, you can move your reservation to another period that suits you. We will do our best to keep the price unchanged, and to get the same car.

What to do due to covid-19 infection during your rental?

What to do due to covid 19 infection during your rental? If you happen to become infected with covid 19 while renting do not worry. You need to inform the Respecta car agency and provide confirmation that you are positive. Our agency has a protocol according to which the car will be taken over without risk for the agent. We will also provide you with help and support in your treatment.